Moto X Play, battery power and robustness

Moto X Play

Motorola adventure with your Moto X range of the 2015 was made ​​up of two very different terminals but entering fully into the upper-middle range. The turn of our test subject him to a month of use as a primary terminal, at which small details that can make a difference come to light. If you want to know what the Moto X Play in the day, strengths and weaknesses that emerge when you least expect.

Excellent design for everyday battles

In our initial analysis of the Moto X Play, the section on design, with weight and finishing at the head, he had a special weight. Not for less. Use of this month with the terminal I have been able to consolidate some of those conclusions primarily related to the design and finish.

Moto X Play
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Although there who is absolute defender Design Motorola, we’re not talking about unbeatable teams in value when we get fully into the midrange. So it is not permissible basic finish this Moto X Play, no premium and cannot be compared with models 100 dollars less and better use of materials and design. We think also that some of its design features, such as removable cover, should have taken advantage beyond aesthetics, and easy removal of the battery, for example.

However, the terminal itself that confirms that is an excellent Smartphone for everyday battles. It is robust, it has fallen a few times and still like new, and the grip is very good. But there are details like the very feeble volume buttons that hold us in excitement.

What I do is a success is to provide to your splash guard that has really shown us in this month of use is what we seek when we refer to water resistance of a terminal. It’s nice to dip a phone in summer to do some underwater photo, but what is really interesting is that we can take it with wet hands or have it without worrying about food and knowing that we wash liquid. If you also join the equation children, robustness and that can get wet will thrill parents.

It is the best finish for a half this price range but its strength and resistance against splash love the careless and who have children at home

Its dimensions I can say that Motorola has done a great job with height and is a terminal that has within its diagonal screen, the result after this time we with him, one of the most manageable with one hand. Pity weight and especially thick.

MicroSD and battery for two days of use is appreciated

At this point in 2015, not to give midrange almost like a high-end daily, have a portion of their lost war. Play Moto X has the Snapdragon 615 accompanied by 2GB of RAM usage in this month we reaffirm that fall short of what we require at this upper-middle range. Native to come with Android 5.1 in this case, we have suffered lags in certain tasks when the logical would have been almost seamless experience.

In the area of internal memory, 11 GB free in the remaining 16GB model certainly fall short, especially if we take the screen with videos locally or do many photos. We are pleased that Android comes almost native and no bloatware, but it is quite advisable to seize leading microSD card slot and we do it with one for certain multimedia material.

For a complete satisfaction with the Moto X Play is advisable to purchase a good microSD card if you opted for the model of 16 GB of internal memory, and a quick charger for its excellent battery

And autonomy? For very satisfied in all respects. First by the battery itself, which over time and adjusting processes we have managed to keep two days of work without much problem. But we also have a fast charge that leaves us ready terminal 3600 mAh in less than two hours. And great detail double charger series, but much better would be one quick charge, fully recommended purchase too.

Vice notifications on screen

When you get used to the big screen, especially if the terminal does not fire in physical dimensions, and do not want to go back. With the Moto X Play happened to me just that? Its IPS panel looks great, without being exceptional, just 1080p resolution, but we are talking about a mid-range and if we find it very acceptable. But the best of the screen after this month of use has been previewing on the screen notifications lock interacting with them directly. Once you get used to it and you cannot stop looking for the proper function of Motorola in all terminals addictive and very useful.

There have been so pleased with the camera Play Moto X this month after use. With the passage of time and after the initial test, input one takes much less a somewhat more elaborate than the current photographic interface, which is excessively simple. Control exposure when touching the screen is what triggers the camera requires a process that seems heavy and nothing intuitive.

But our differences do not end there with the Moto X Play in its photographic section. Motorola decided impressed by megapixel but had other pending tasks. At no time during this month of use have taken advantage of those 21 megapixel crop images or more detailed photos , but we have been disappointed when light is scarce and chamber is penalized by many megapixels without the accompanying sensor size.

With enough light the camera responds acceptable in most situations, but the demand is high and cannot be satisfied at this point and with this price and competition, which offers camera Play Moto X we tested after a month of use.

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