How solar panels work

There is an increasing use of solar panels in the UK.  present these take two forms.  One is the lower range whereby you have solar panels attached to your roof garage or outside building that then powers your own home. This is where a Solar Panel Installers Bristol based company can help you. Solar panel installation company works with you to find the best spot to install the panels so that they are not too intrusive but still provide the power that the house needs.

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There has also been an emergence of solar panel farms.  Here, entire fields are devoted to the installation of large photovoltaic cells which are then transferred into the National Grid.  This has become an increasingly lucrative way for farmers to earn extra income.

How does a solar panel work?  The panels are made up of many layers of semiconducting material.  The material that is used the most is silicone.  When the light shines on the silicon it creates a flow of electricity.  So the panels are now so sensitive that the cells don’t require a direct sunlight source.  cloudy days are no bar to them producing electricity, But the Sony of the day the more electricity they will produce.

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A small adaption is needed to the solar panel as they create DC or direct current.  for the electricity produced to work in homes and an alternative current adapter is needed to be fitted.

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