Amazon wants to be your next ISP


The e-commerce giant would be exploring new business opportunities to strengthen its presence in the European market. One of them offer internet as an operator.

Amazon is thinking of adding a new service to their already diverse portfolio, which would make him rival companies like Vodafone or Orange. It is becoming an ISP or provider of Internet services.

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This new business would be assembled very well with streaming video on subscription already offers with video content and own television, which would make the company Jeff Bezos in a serious alternative to the package of services already offered by cable operators.

From Amazon neither confirms nor deny these plans, which reports the British site The Information, which adds that the internet would be a benefit enabled exclusively for the European market, leaving out the US.

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Thus, the company extended its dominions in the old continent, as it seeks to attract new customers to its video streaming service.

This diversification of services is not new to Amazon. In recent times we have seen how gambled on such disparate businesses like streaming music to compete with Spotify, that of online supermarket to compete with the greats of the food sector or become a platform of audiovisual content in the purest YouTube style.

Nor is it the only major technology company to test different sectors to increase its turnover; the clearest case we have with Google, which even had to restructure and become part of an array, given its extensive and varied range of products and services.

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