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Neuroscience applied to shopping: How do they affect the brain bargains?

Why a bag becomes an object of desire? In a “I love you” irresistible? What makes us worship this or that other mark without knowing exactly what will occur in your next collection? Where do the impulses, love at first sight that leads us to “need” something that until a few seconds even know existed?

If you thought, you were the perfect rational buyer you are very wrong. Almost all our buying decisions are made by the emotional impact that makes us a brand or product. And neuromarketing has the keys to explain.

Marketing experts have concluded that click on the button to buy those shoes and add them to your shopping cart is based 80% on emotional impulses, in something you cannot control trying to be rational.

Oh, that would explain everything: love at first sight with something you do not need the end the drawer full of things you do not use, loss of reason in front of a good bargain, etc.

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