The magical game of Rummy.

There are a multitude of card games but one of the most popular and easiest is the game of Rummy. Its also got a version that is just known as Gin but it isnt related to the tasty drink that you mix with tonic and a slice. Card games are a brilliant way of getting to know people and make friends and it is just the type of thing that you can do of an evening when you live at Park Homes Gloucestershire way. Have a look at the website at to see what they can provide. In the meantime lets look at this popular card game and where it comes from.

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First of all whats the point of it? It is a pretty simple game using all of the 52 cards in the pack except the Jokers. The idea is to get a set of cards together either in threes or fours of a rank. Players pick up and discard cards to try and build these runs of the same suit. The general belief of scholars who study games and where they come from (yes there are such people around) is that the game of Rummy is a based around the Mexican game of Conquian which is also a game where a suit is created to try and beat the other player or players. However, that game itself has even older roots being traced back to ancient China and the exciting game of Khanhoo. This was a game that involved a draw and discard type of game that was enjoyed by Ming Dynasty Emperors down to the lowliest peasant. Even then we can go further back but we must stay in China as the games ultimate roots may be nestled in one of the oldest games ever created Mahjong. Mahjong is the game from the beginning of the eighteen hundreds that starts the whole concept of a draw and discard based game that forms the basis of pretty much most modern card competitions.

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The Chinese influence is evident throughout the world in such things and its pretty fair to say that their influence was felt in India and in terms of game playing. In India the whole discard and draw system is very popular and is entrenched in some myths. The game Indian Rummy is thought to be a distilled version of Gin Rummy which itself comes from the United States of America. One fo the best things about the game is there are so many variations such as the aforementioned Gin and Indian but also Viennese, Rumino and the Canasta family derivatives.

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