The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

The way people interact with the internet changes with evolutions in technology and strategic innovations that open doors to new and exciting possibilities.

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Developments in mobile technology have made accessing the internet considerably easier for millions of people. As of January 2018, more than 52% of global website traffic is being generated through a mobile device.

Connect With a Larger Audience

The number of smartphone users is increasing year on year. Mobile traffic is expected to continue to increase, so optimising your digital presence for mobile is now more important than ever before. Providing your audience with access to a mobile-friendly website will improve their experience and boost many of your core metrics. This will tell search engines that your website is providing users with valuable information, which will enhance your search engine visibility and help you to connect with a larger audience.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Google’s new mobile-first index addresses issues that were being presented from its previous practice of organising search engine results pages (SERPs) using information from the desktop version of websites. This was causing issues for mobile users, who were being presented with mobile sites that didnt contain the same amount of information as their desktop counterparts. Having a website that is accessible and compatible with mobile devices is crucial if you want to boost your traffic and increase your conversions.

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Demonstrate an Understanding of your Audience

Providing your audience with a mobile-friendly website will increase their confidence in your business because they will recognise that you understand their needs and value their interaction. Mobile users want to engage with content in more intuitive ways, but they also want their experience to be seamless and distinctly uncomplicated.

Utilise the Potential of Innovative Mobile Strategies

Mobile users typically make more impulsive purchases, and capitalising on this requires a streamlined purchasing funnel that makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Simplicity is an essential component of mobile optimisation because users dont want swipe through several pages; many of them will go elsewhere instead.


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