The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining Office Equipment

Cleaning and Maintaining Office Equipment

If you work in an office, it is essential to keep the equipment clean and sanitized. This is particularly true of any type of equipment that is shared. Germs can spread quickly. Cleaning after each use is recommended, but is not always possible. However, everything should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Some Equipment Requires Special Cleaning

The life of the equipment is prolonged when it is cleaned regularly. Electronics such as monitors, computers, fax machines, and printers will attract dust. Sometimes the dust can get inside the equipment and cause connection problems. The screens on monitors and glass on copiers should be cleaned with distilled water and a lint-free cloth. This will keep them from becoming scratched or leaving lint on the screen or glass. Offices rely heavily on computers and copiers. This is why companies such as Cesco Office Products repair copiers dallas.

Compressed air is recommended for cleaning equipment with keyboards and buttons. This type of air comes in a can with a nozzle and is preferred for sensitive equipment. However, when using the compressed air, make certain to keep the can upright. If it is tilted, liquid can be released. This liquid freezes as it comes out of the can and cause damage to electronics.

Commercial Cleaning Products

Commercial products can be used to clean the outside of certain office equipment. It is best to spray it onto the cloth you are using, rather than the equipment. Always check to make sure the cleaner can be used on plastic. Never use these cleaners on the inside of the equipment. Because so many types of equipment today contain computer chips, it is easy to damage them if you are not careful.

Cleaning and maintaining office equipment means less down time. No one wants to go to work and not be able to do their job because the equipment is not working. Not only will you increase the life of the equipment that you need, but you will be reducing the incidence of catching a virus, the flu, and colds by keeping your workplace sanitary.

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