Poinsettias – The Festive Flower

Winter is not the season that we typically associate with flowers, but this time of the year it is more important than ever to have a bit of joy in our lives, and flowers are a great way of adding that bit of colour.

One of the most popular Christmas flowers is the Poinsettia. This beautiful red bloom is popular in many homes at Christmas and you can get displays of these stunning plants from places like this florist Tewkesbury based the Flower Shed.

These pretty plants date back as far as the Aztecs, for whom the plant symbolised purity. When the Europeans first came to the Americas, they too admired the pretty plant, and it became a highly sought-after plant in Europe. Now it is still a much-loved plant and a favourite particularly at Christmas time.

The vibrant red colour of the plant is not the only thing that makes it perfect at Christmas either – it is particularly favoured due to the fact that it flowers just around the time that Christmas starts to come – the flowers will be there throughout December and January.

Because of the fact that their native land is the very warm climate of Mexico, it is best to keep them indoors as they do not survive low temperatures and would certainly not survive a hard frost! Keep them away from draughts and not in direct sunlight if you are keeping one in a pot in your home and it should happily survive and bring you festive blooms each year.

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