How To Keep A Vinyl Floor

It’s not a novelty that the flooring remains one of the best options for interior design. Puts a space in value, makes it more stylish, attractive, warmer and the first thing that draws your attention when you enter a room. Vinyl flooring is modern and easy to install, durable, does not pose problems in the maintenance process, and its appearance can be renewed by grinding.

A beautiful vinyl floor never demodulates and fits any style or type of space, be it a small apartment, a house, a duplex or a cottage. The fact that the vinyl flooring is available in so many shapes, colors and patterns make it suited to your needs to integrate it as easily into space. The Karndean Korlok vinyl flooring has a comforting and soothing look, and the glossy finish adds refinement and sophistication to a spacious floor.

Besides being a special styling element, a vinyl floor is also very easy to maintain. This area is ideal for those who have a relaxed lifestyle and want a hygienic home. In addition, the Karndean Korlok added special modern surface to the new generation of vinyl flooring, making it more resistant to scratches and stains. Moreover, here we have collected few tips to keep your vinyl floor clean

Daily maintenance of vinyl flooring

Remove dust from the vinyl floor with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This helps prevent dust accumulation and makes maintenance of vinyl flooring easier, especially in modern living rooms.

Weekly maintenance of vinyl flooring

Every week you should clean the vinyl floor with a wet mop. Use hot water and neutral Ph. This process helps to remove dirt and maintain the surface under ideal conditions. Do not use plenty of water to clean and remember that light vinyl flooring needs more care.

Cleaning stains on the vinyl floor

Take care of the stains on the vinyl floor immediately. Clean with a little detergent with neutral Ph. Start from the edge of the stains to the middle, then change the cloth with a soaked cloth in clean water.

  • For oil, vinegar or lime stains, act immediately as this could cause discoloration of the vinyl surface.
  • For ink, tomatoes or blood, pour much-diluted alcohol directly onto the stain and do not clean for a few minutes. Then rinse the dirty area of the vinyl floor with water.
  • Pen or marker traces are easy to clean. Rub the vinyl surface with a little alcohol and then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Rust from the vinyl floor should be cleaned with an anti-rust sponge and then rinsed with water.

5 tips to care for vinyl floors

  • Put pieces of felt under the heavy furniture, but also under the feet of the chairs and tables.
  • Avoid placing rubber feet directly on vinyl flooring, which may stain the surface.
  • Use incoming carpets to prevent deposits of dirt and dust. With this simple step, stop about 80% of the dirt.
  • Clean vinyl flooring with neutral, light or natural detergents.
  • Keep incandescent objects such as aerothermal or charcoal away from the vinyl floor. Do not clean the surface with abrasive powders, acetone or solvents, oil-based products or steam cleaners.

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