Five signs that you need a new boiler

Replacing the boiler in your home is a cost and inconvenience most of us would rather avoid. However, an older or faulty boiler costs you more to run, and it can also cost you your home or even your life in the worst-case scenario. That’s why it’s useful to know the signs of a boiler that needs replacing.

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Spiralling fuel costs

The reason for a rise in your fuel bill may simply be a hike in the unit price by your supplier, but if you notice that the amount youre paying for gas is going up over time when there have been no changes to your lifestyle, you should ask yourself why.

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A faulty boiler will become less efficient over time and therefore use more fuel. This could be a sure sign that you need to replace it. You should certainly have it looked at by an engineer.

Regular engineer visits

This one should be obvious and ring alarm bells with you as the homeowner and the engineer if you use the same one all the time. Much like any piece of equipment, once your boiler needs regular repairs and replacement parts, it’s time to consider changing it.

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CO2 leaks

According to the Telegraph, four people in the UK are treated in hospital for some form of carbon monoxide poisoning each day. This silent killer is given its name because it has been notoriously difficult to detect. These days, there are some great monitors and alarms on the market that can alert you to a CO2 leak. You should also look out for are a change in the colour of the pilot light flame from blue to yellow.

Heating thats not hot

If your home isnt getting warm enough no matter how high you turn up the thermostat, or it takes much longer than normal to warm up, you could have a problem. It is an indication that your boiler isnt working as efficiently as it should be and needs to be looked at.

Age of your boiler

The safe lifespan of any boiler is generally considered to be around 15 years. Once it reaches this age, speak to your engineer when they come out to service it about a replacement.

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