Firearms Engineering

Firearms are regarded both as an evolutionary invention and a revolution. With it came a new wave in the security industry. Weapons are now being introduced as a form of protection against harm or when you find yourself in harm’s way. The evolution of firearms always strives for balance in the design material and the result of it.

Guns are ideal studies of design based on their centuries of refinement and are usually manufactured in millions. Most are made with the finest alloys and require precision in the forging and machining of them. Firearms are also mechanical devices that need to be robust, simple, and easy to operate. They also need to be resistant to shock and change in their climatic surroundings. To ensure this, they must undergo rigorous testing and be approved for use in the field.

Companies that offer engineering services, such as Mentis Sciences, offer to test and manufacture services for firearms and make sure that testing them is up to standard. Firearms need to be lightweight to ensure easy maintenance of them.

Firearms are asymmetrically shaped to fit together to achieve a mechanical purpose. They last for generations and are an example of what durable goods need to be like.

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