Camping tips for novice campers

Packing the car and heading off for a few nights under canvas must be one of the greatest ways for families and groups of friends to spend some quality time together. Keen campers go year after year, but for those who are new to camping, it can be daunting. Use these tips to make your trip go smoothly and get out into the great outdoors.

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Choosing a tent

With so many tents on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Choose a tent that is slightly bigger than you think you need, because its always good to have extra space to store kit while you get used to camping. Spend some time looking at models, and if you are able to see them erected and try them out, so much the better.

Buying sleeping bags

Like a duvet, sleeping bags come with tog ratings. Even if youre camping in the summer, remember that temperatures can drop significantly at night, so make sure youre buying bags for the right season.

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Picking a campsite

Think about whos going. Do you need a family-friendly site, or would you prefer an adults-only destination? Some campsites allow dogs, but others dont. As a newbie to camping, you might prefer to know there are facilities onsite like a shower block with toilets and showers, or a shop in case you forget something. There are lots of places to look online, such as Campsites, which allows you to search by region.

Other equipment

Make a list of what you need, so you dont forget anything. Consider what youll cook, how youll store water, what youll need to wear and so on. Having a bag to transport things helps, and a brand like Vanquest is designed by industry experts to do the job well. Vanquest bags are available from retailers such as Anglo Forro

Have a dummy run

Practice pitching your tent before you set off, because if there is a piece missing or you cant figure it out, youll want to know before its critical! You can also practice putting the tent away again, which always takes longer than you might think. A practice camp will also help you gauge the number of layers youll need to take when you can still run inside and get extras!

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