Some tips to avoid mosquito bites in summer

avoid mosquito bites

Summer and mosquito bites are something that is directly related, especially when we are in touch with nature. It is true that there are many products on the market to repel them, but we in this post we highlight some remedies more natural or some tips to prevent mosquitos acribillen us. It just simply has it in mind to improve our state against these insects.

First of all it is necessary to bear in mind that mosquitoes are attracted to sweet smells, the smell of skin, light, heat sources, food … therefore in need to avoid these situations. For example, it is good that at home if we are to have the window open not have the lights on and whether we will have better put special nets to prevent mosquito entry.

avoid mosquito bites
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Avoid strong odors and perfumes

In the case of smells, a good measure to prevent biting us it is to maintain proper body hygiene, since mosquitoes are attracted to sweat. But besides this it is good to stop using perfumes. Especially those containing sweet aromas are the worst when it comes to attracting mosquitoes. We can opt for citrus – based fragrances or citronella, which are natural mosquito repellent.

Use mosquito screens

Use mosquito netting over the bed is a good alternative, especially at night, which is one of the moments in which more mosquitoes attack us. Simply be affixed on the bed with a mosquito net we cover and will prevent the entry of any insect while we are asleep.

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Cover our skin with clothing and avoid creams

If we’re going to be outdoors in areas where mosquitoes and there are usually other insects is better to resort to the use of clothing that covers the skin as much to avoid bites. As is the case with colognes and perfumes, sometimes sunscreens, are widely used in summer, they can have substances that attract mosquitoes. Make sure that its composition is repellent is a good alternative especially if we are prone to mosquito areas.

Making a homemade repellent

We can also use homemade repellents and totally natural. In this case we recommend a trick that can help us avoid pests. What we recommend is placed in the different rooms of our house lemons or limes, halved, so that releases their aroma. But the fruit are not going to put one, but you have to click on the pulp nails in spice. With the scent of both substances scare the mosquitoes get our house naturally. Visit more tips.

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