Male grooming essentials: don’t wait to be told

We all know those perfectly groomed, impossibly impeccable men. Do they annoy you?

If the answer is yes, it doesnt need to be. A few simple tips can go a long way towards helping you to join the ranks of the seriously suave.

Electrify that toothbrush

Start with the basics, and more specifically with one of the basics that is often not as well-appreciated as it should be. Your smile is one of your best features and an electric toothbrush will do a lot more than a traditional manual toothbrush to keep it looking good – and to keep it healthy.

Experiment with products

Joining the ranks of the impeccably groomed requires the right equipment for the job. Different hair products offer different properties. Gels and pomades help you to sculpt a work of art in your mane, while hairspray helps to keep it neat or provides a styling power that is more appropriate to fine hair. If you cultivate facial hair, don’t leave this out of the equation. Beard conditioner and other specialist products can keep it looking impeccable. Have a look through the range of grooming products available from companies such as Henry Tibbs and experiment to find out what works for you.

Hone your shaving skills

Unless you cultivate an all-over beard, shaving is likely to be part of your routine every single day. Consider using products such as shaving oils to help the razor glide smoothly and reduce irritation. Learn some good practices, such as how to get a good lather, and consider using pre- and post-shave treatments that will be good for both your skins health and appearance. Learning the foundations of a good shave will help you to get a smoother shave, reduce unsightly redness and unpleasant irritation, and keep your facial skin in good condition.

Male grooming essentials

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A sweet smell is success

Outside of a photograph, there is a bit more to being impeccably groomed than just looks. If you smell like a mountain gorilla or somebody who buys cheap fragrances at a dodgy market stall, this will spoil the effect. Choose a deodorant and an aftershave that smell pleasant and work for you. Also consider your breath, using regular teeth cleaning, mouthwash and – if necessary – breath mints to ensure that your sparkling conversation skills won’t make people wince at close quarters.

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