Common Office Cleaning Duties

Office Cleaning

Working for a cleaning service often means that you are responsible for cleaning everything from homes to medical offices. Your company could specialize in only cleaning offices, which means that you’ll usually know the hours that you work more than you would if you only cleaned houses. Most of the time, offices are cleaned after hours, so you usually won’t work during the day. As a cleaning service Florida offers, you’re responsible for ensuring that the work that is performed is done to the best of your ability. You should also have all of the supplies that you need instead of using the supplies at the office.

Start cleaning by organizing the magazines and gathering any loose papers that are on the tables. Throw away anything that appears to be trash. If there are important documents with someone’s name on them, then you should leave them for the office workers to review instead of throwing them away. Clean the bathrooms by disinfecting the sinks, toilets, and counters. Stock the paper towels and feminine supplies as needed. Make sure there is plenty of soap in the dispenser as well. Wipe the toilet seats and handles with a disinfecting product. Empty the trash before sweeping and mopping the floors.

Dust the electronics in the office so that they function properly. You should also dust the ceiling fans and blinds on the windows as well as the window sills. Vents should also be cleaned to keep dust from circulating in the office. If there is a break room, then you can empty the refrigerator, take out the trash, and clean the tables. Disinfect the sink and the counters. Clean the microwave, and replace any items that you can refill. Final tasks for cleaning the office include sweeping and vacuuming the main office and the waiting area and ensuring that there is no trash left anywhere in the building.

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