Why Is It Important To Use Business Alarms For Protection?

In recent years, there have been 1.1 million property crime arrests in the United States. To upgrade your security system or install a new one, contact business alarm company Houston, TX. If you own a business, you must maintain a secure environment, and business alarms can help ensure that your employees, customers, and property are safe. 

Employee theft

Installing security cameras around the office can keep employees from stealing. The cameras can also capture footage of employees stealing, and they can even provide a deterrent to potential thieves. Employees who know they’re being recorded are far less likely to steal. They may also be more hesitant to steal when they know they’re being caught, which means they won’t steal. Security cameras can also help prevent vandalism and theft during off-hours.

In addition to video surveillance, business owners should limit the number of keys employees have access to. It is especially important if expensive equipment is involved. More keys can mean more risks for the business. A system controlling access to expensive equipment can help minimize the risks and catch any employee who steals. Considering the increased risk of being caught, you may consider installing an access control system with personalized key fobs.

Fire protection

While fire detection and suppression are closely related, business alarms for fire protection can protect property and human lives from various dangers. A well-designed, comprehensive fire alarm system can prevent fire outbreaks and protect property and lives in several different types of buildings. 

The type of alarm system you need depends on your building’s structure and contents. For example, a sprinkler system is recommended in a building where smoke is a large problem. For a less high-smoke production business, smoke and heat detectors are sufficient. But if the contents are low-porous and easily flammable, heat detectors are sufficient. However, the right combination of detectors can significantly reduce the fire risk.

Carbon monoxide detection

A business carbon monoxide alarm monitors the air for traces of carbon monoxide. When CO levels get out of hand, a CO alarm will activate and alert the monitoring station. These alarms can be set up to trigger an alarm at any time. If they detect a high concentration, an alarm will sound within minutes. These alarms are also easy to install, and many companies now offer them.

The main reason to install a carbon monoxide detector in your building is that the gas is toxic to the human body. It is poisonous to the body, especially those with preexisting conditions. Moreover, people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to getting sick from a CO leak. CO poisoning accounts for more than 20,000 emergency room visits, 4,000 hospitalizations, and 400 unintentional deaths in the United States annually. Therefore, the presence of a CO detector in your building is an important step toward preventing fatalities from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Shoplifting protection

While you can’t stop thieves from stealing items, you can greatly reduce your chances of losing inventory. One effective deterrent is video surveillance. The more cameras you have, the less likely it will be for your customers to steal from your store. HD cameras will capture any suspicious movement or activity, including employee errors and POS system malfunctions. In addition, businesses should install access controls to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive areas. The cameras can also maintain a log of all activity and track who access certain areas at specific times.

Aside from installing security cameras, you can also install cameras in areas that are not easily accessed, such as a refrigerator or a cooler. It is especially useful if a known thief is targeting a specific store. Another way to prevent shoplifting is to install a camera at the reception desk. These desks see a high volume of customers and are located near the entrances.

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