Skills Needed to Run a Pub

The skills needed to run a pub can be drawn from a variety of backgrounds. Pub landlords and landladies are often self-employed and so will have a range of transferable skills and training, while those working for larger pub companies will receive specific management development and hospitality qualifications. Regardless of background, all pub landlords must be hardworking and have amazing people skills – they must be able to put a smile on customers’ faces and be able to tell them when to stop drinking!

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A good choice for a newcomer to the trade, especially if you are unsure about the long-term commitment required to run your own pub, is to secure a tenancy with a large pub company. This type of arrangement, usually spanning three years, reduces the investment and running costs but you’re bound by the terms of your contract to sell only the products supplied by the brewery or pub company. For any landlord needing Finance For Pubs, go to a site like

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In the back office, pub landlords need a range of prosaic business skills to manage their finances, order stock and meet legal requirements like health and safety and personal licenses. This is why so many former accountants, solicitors and office managers choose to become publicans – the experience gained in their professional careers helps them to thrive in this challenging and rewarding sector. However, anyone with great communication skills and some experience in business management can get involved in this industry.

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