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The human resources plan is another key element that is required in the process of drafting a business plan. As we have written many times in other articles, human resources are a critical element for the birth, development and success of a business idea as representing that element of professionalism essential to achieve excellence goals.

Business Plan
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How many times has it happened to walk into a store, ask a question to the staff and get a bad answer? And how many times has it happened to call the leading companies in areas such as mobile phone, ask the operator / call center ice, and get an answer something that we were not satisfied? We could go on with examples, but the concept is clear: anyone who relates to a company, first of all relates to the people who represent it, at all levels … So much so that the quality and training of human resources is considered (by the most advanced companies) a real strategic asset rather than a cost. When we speak of “human resources”, usually it refers to the entire structure of the company, the entrepreneur, the manager and follows all employees that is present in the company.

Writing your business plan, in the section on human resources plan, you must present the staff with which to share the entrepreneurial project: you must specify the type, number, functions, duties and responsibilities of the people you need to start the enterprise.

Within the business plan it is usually just a section that asks you to specify certain elements about the employees that the employer intends to enter into organic: they wonder, in fact, curriculum, operational skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, autonomy, attitudes and other useful information to “know” the human resources a little better. The reason for these questions, it is quite simple to understand: human resources must (or should) have the skills directly related to the type of work you want to do.

In the business plan, as well as employees to hire employees, you must also indicate any consultants or freelancers who wish to engage in the project. Human resources involved in the project must have the professional skills and competencies related to the role which cover the company; if it were not so, you should expect that the training interventions, or that you spend some time looking for the most suitable professional to the business that you are about to start.

Remember that a good human resource management gives a great contribution to the success of your business plan, and is also well appreciated by those who read and evaluate the business plan. In fact, in the evaluation phase of the business plan, the instructors carefully evaluate the management team (owner, any members, and several executives) who manages the project. When writing the plan for each member of the management team and indicates describe tasks and responsibilities; also put out the features that make these the right people to fill this role.

Even for employees have to make wise choices and you have to make sure that there are no features to perform the assigned tasks with professionalism. In the plan do emerge the will to involve them in the project business. The staff must be involved in the project business more than as workers, as people: you have to be willing to invest on the human dimension, because one of the main resources that you have in the company are its human resources

The human resources plan: How to do?

So to actually do the resource plan, you can start by giving the answers to these questions:

  • Who runs the company?
  • There are all the necessary skills to fill the management positions?
  • These people are able to form a management team?
  • What are the salaries?
  • What will be the possible level of equity participation by managers?
  • As employees’ full time and with what features you need in the short to medium term?
  • As part-time staff and with what features you need in the short – medium and long term?
  • It takes training courses?

So, finally, the human resources plan goes well detailed so as to understand what is and how it contributes to the success of the enterprise. It is to define the number, qualification, wages and salaries of employees at all levels of employment, highlighting the strengths of each. Also you have to define the types of employment contract, the possible development of career, times and any shifts of staff who think of involve. Personnel impeach must be “calibrated” to the size of the company: it should not be excessive, but not at fault.

At first structured with the right staff in respect of your financial resources and your operational needs; only later, hire additional people to support the phase of expansion and consolidation of your business.

As you well know, to know how to choose the right personnel and know well manage means to ensure your business project a “something” more to achieve success. So be sure to take advantage of skilled human resources, motivated and committed to the work they have to perform.

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