Day: January 18, 2023

Why the New Year is a great time to start dancing!

If you want to get fit and feel healthier in the New Year, then consider taking up dance. There are so many different types of dance that there is sure to be something for every taste and physical fitness level. Whether you are fit as a fiddle but have never danced before, or you’re new to exercise and want to ease yourself in, dancing is fun and very inclusive.

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Accepting Risk in Business and Growing at the Right Rate

In business there is always risk. During the first year or even the first couple of years, you often can feel like you are simply fighting to keep your head above the water. Risk is part of running a business, and things can happen that you have no control over which can bring a business crashing down around you. Take the pandemic for example – there were many businesses that simply couldn’t keep going throughout it, with the restrictions and economic problems that followed having too great an impact on them.

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