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Vegan chocolate and orange pastry – Valentine’s Recipe

Yes, it also gives me some allergy to see window displays filled with hearts and overdose of pastel colors, but my way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is more practical. That is, it becomes an excuse to give us some new sweet treat at home, preferably I chocolaty. It is always nice to share a sweet as these vegan chocolate cupcakes and orange, much better if they also share the same blanket on the couch in these cold days.

I adapted a little the original recipe, which comes from a book of 1929. Then doubt very much interested to offer lighter alternatives to sweets or vegans always rather should be seen as a recipe for economic and simple cake, because it does not contain butter or oil or eggs. I have used soymilk but you can use any milk or vegetable drink you have at home. If you are very sweet, increase the amount of sugar up to about 225-250g.

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