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Atomic clocks and sale of shares, earn millions by fractions of a second

Maybe if we do not do it are a little oblivious to what happens in that sector, especially escapes the more general headlines can move to more news that is general. You may not we know about the extent to which technological innovations applied here, going beyond the algorithms to use the most advanced physics.

This is not something new, at least not these days. For some years, economists of the most competitive league in trading not hesitate to resort to advances to ensure they get to make a good operation of millions in profits by being the first, even if you try to use atomic clocks or satellite. But not all big businessmen are in favor of these “new” tactics. What bring these instruments in the sale of shares and why there are detractors?

The importance of accuracy

If something has taught us the technology throughout its history is the importance of being the first to achieve success when you have an idea. In stock speed performance issue it is also critical, while not talking about days or even hours or minutes, but millionths of a second; it is hitting what, how much and when to buy.

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