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The color trend for this fall: Black, red and camel

Inspired by the beautiful apartments in Brooklyn, we rescued a chromatic palette that is very fashionable, a purely New Yorker palette that sneaks into homes and all kinds of styles, tremendously elegant discreet combination, male, and very easy to apply.

What is the color trend for this fall based on black, red and camels. Discover how to apply, what furniture, accessories and coatings, and what the best materials and fabrics are.

Natural wood flooring

Although input red and black may seem like a very extreme and proven combination, the camel colors of wood and skins soften the palette enormously, getting a look very discreet and welcoming. The wood, which in this case is always natural, we will put on floors, shelves and furniture with simple lines.

Other resources that will help sweeten the red is to use furniture and accessories in black, red and brown very vivid and somewhat worn, like a red brick wall a black leather couch, a wooden floors full of defects and an old carpet Persian. However that does not prevent us to add new elements, bright colors, a Mid-Century lamp ultra bright red methacrylate or some mixed with photos in black and white sheets.

You can combine the natural wood floors with micromanagement polished dark gray in some areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathroom, plus this material combines perfectly with wood, brick and skins.

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