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eggnog or egg punch

What is eggnog or egg punch? The tradition of an ideal drink for the winter

In many homes it ends Christmas enjoying the King cake dipped in hot chocolate. But although we say goodbye to the Christmas sweets, it is difficult to say goodbye to the traditional chocolate to the cup, now that the coldest of the winter awaits us. Are not you very fond of the cocoa drink? You can try the eggnog or eggnog, another sweet drink associated with the holidays more comforting even when temperatures drop.

Most of us have known the “punch” through film and television that has come from the United States, especially with high school parties where there was always someone who added alcohol to the mix. Overall, it is a mixture of drinks with or without alcohol and usually fruit, but the eggnog has the distinction of being made with egg and milk. Its origin does not finish to clarify but there is something evident, has become a typical drink of winter and is already part of the traditions Christmas.

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