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Doctor Strange

The visual effects of ‘Doctor Strange’ also have their “magic”

One of the strengths of ‘Doctor Strange’ is the graphical section and visual effects. Already discussed when we saw the film, but we wanted to delve into it to know what the “magic” behind what we see on screen.

Spoiler: There was much chroma and used six Lamborghinis for Stephen accident sequence.

Many dimensions, many soundstages

The introduction of the Marvel multiverse occurs in ‘Doctor Strange’ through the different dimensions (astral, mirror and dark) you will know our egocentric protagonist. The characters are jumping from one to another with enough agility through different portals and spells and all without breaking the rhythm and visual effects that maintain the aesthetic coherence of the film.

21 different sets and more than 1000 drawings for the art of film needed

‘Doctor Strange’ was filmed in cities like London, New York, Hong Kong and Kathmandu (Nepal), but also had to build 21 physical sets to give more realism to images.

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