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The challenge of lighting in the car is not only more light, but smarter

A few days ago we learned the latest in automotive lighting, at least by the manufacturer Philips Illumines. Although we have seen some other new product (which has some interest), we have not witnessed anything we can classify as revolutionary. Four years ago we review the latest car headlights, and a year before we explain what constituted technologies and advanced lighting systems and vision and for the moment is still working on the same thing: halogen headlights, xenon, LED and laser .. . plus headlights OLED (primarily for secondary functions).

The fundamental intent in the car, always, is continuous improvement: more power, less consumption, more comfort, less noise, more safety … and of course have more light. Speaking of lighting, in addition to more light, while trying to innovate in other factors, such as design, color and aesthetics, energy consumption, and an aspect which increasingly become more important, the “intelligent lighting” ( understood as dynamic and adaptive lighting).

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