Trends in wallpaper 2016

Trends in wallpaper 2016

Thinking of redecorating the house? If you think your walls are somewhat dated and you’re thinking of giving a new coat of paint, check out the latest developments in wallpaper that arrive next 2016.

For hopeless romantics, for more sophisticated … for everyone! In this article we present the trends for 2016 wallpaper. Walls well dressed!

Wall Decoration

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Textured walls

The most innovative techniques of decoration also come to wallpaper. And the next 2016 textures will be protagonists of the decor, an incredible way of dressing the walls with style, glamour and sophistication.

The more realistic printing techniques offer us a selection of truly exquisite wallpapers, as designs that mimic the delicate lace and romantic pastel tones. So, for those seeking a different, decorated sophisticated and elegant, this trend is ideal to dress the walls with much charm.

Leaving aside the printing techniques, speaking of color, we must not lose sight of the green because it will be one of the stars of the 2016 season, especially in soft tones and delicate. The green hope fills you with optimism and energy the room. A color that is also very easy to combine for a most refreshing home.

Wall Decoration

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Floral pattern

For nature lovers and hopeless romantics, wallpaper with flower print is a wonderful decorative option. The botanical prints will trend in 2016 is a romantic, versatile and very chic decor for a blooming style.

Marble Effect

Another trend that also will star next year is wallpaper with marmot effect, perfect for those seeking a different style decoration. In this sense, the marble will be one of the stars of 2016 in terms of materials is concerned. A trend that makes the leap to the walls with painted finish that mimics the papers.

Wall Decoration

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But if you’re thinking of something more glamorous, bet on a painted ocher paper. The British firm specializing in interior and exterior paint, Dulux has chosen this color as a favorite 2016. Printed in ocher or a monochrome painted paper will help us to dress the walls with charm.

Geometry 10

As far as prints are concerned, geometric patterns are one of the biggest bets in interior design, a trend which, of course, could not miss on wallpaper. Boxes, rectangles, diamonds, stripes … The next year will not lose sight of the geometric wallpaper.

Vintage Aires

For lovers of vintage and retro look, wallpaper prints inspired by the 70s will be a great decorative choice, the perfect finishing touch for a decoration reminiscent of other times.

Wall Decoration

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But if you’re considering an industrial decor, nothing beats wallpaper with brick effect. They are perfect in any room of the house and in all environments, both on sophisticated decorations and industrial-style environments.

Dark colors

And of course we cannot forget the eternal black and white combination that will be protagonist of 2016 and is that dark colors help us to dress the rooms with sophisticated air. But yes, if you are thinking in dark shades, remember that these color trends succeed only in large and spacious rooms. Otherwise, these colors make a small room seem even smaller.

So, before choosing wallpaper, make sure that trend is most suitable for your room, the space, the environment and even the decorative style you want to achieve.

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