The Advantage of Forklift Certification in California

Living in sunny California can be a joy. Good weather, nice people, plenty of fun things to do. Of course, you need a good income to support yourself and your family. The state has plenty of industry and there are good-paying jobs in factories and warehouses. If this is your line of work, you want to have the skills to help you secure a job with a nice salary. The ability to operate a forklift can be of great help in this regard.


While there are more complex pieces of machinery, driving a forklift does require training and skill to operate safely. Reputable businesses will require you to be certified and OSHA compliant. You can get your forklift certification Rancho Cucamonga CA on your own, or your employer may be willing to pay for the course. The training doesn’t take long. There are courses where you can complete them in an hour. The length will depend on how quickly you learn. Skillful operation is important as an improperly driven forklift can cause considerable injury and damage to property.

Job Opportunities

Though most people don’t set out to become forklift operators, having this skill can be a stepping stone to a good career. To be a supervisor in a shipping or receiving department in a factory or large store, you need to be able to drive the forklift as well as any of your employees. The same is true for managers of these departments. A forklift technician is a valuable position that generally pays well. You must be able to operate a forklift to repair one.

There are many job opportunities in California for a person who can operate a forklift. Getting certified is a good part of a career plan. You can get your foot in the door and may be able to advance to a higher position.

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