Types of knitting yarn

Woollen sweaters will keep you warm and stylish this winter, but do you know the difference between cashmere and cotton? Continue reading to find out more.

Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is silky, fine, and does not contain lanolin (the waxy substance which makes sheep’s hair water-resistant). It is therefore suitable for those who are allergic. Alpaca contains microscopic pockets of air, which makes it warmer than wool from sheep. The material is very comfortable and breathable.

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Merino wool

Merino wool is flexible, elastic and soft. It’s also strong and durable. Merino is used for lighter sweaters that are still great insulators. You don’t need to look like Yeti in the winter to stay warm! For merino wool sweater women, visit Shamrock Gift who sell merino wool sweater women ranges.

Lamb’s wool

Lambswool is the wool that’s shorn off of lambs in their first year. The fine wool has short fibres that make it warm, breathable and easy to wear. Lambswool has a variety of uses and is comfortable. The fibres, which are softer, will cause less irritation.


Cashmere’s incredible softness is what makes it so popular. Cashmere is made from fine goat hair and is up to eight times warmer than sheeps’ wool. Cashmere is expensive, but it’s a good investment because it’s durable and long-lasting.

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Cotton is durable, lightweight and versatile. Cotton is used to make lighter sweaters and jumpers, which aren’t as warm as wool. They are therefore a good choice for spring or summer evenings. It is very breathable.

Now that you’re an expert, you can add knitwear to any wardrobe and enjoy practical warmth throughout the year.

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