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Mega ROI with content: it is possible

Taking the time to get your business’s content marketing right can pay off in spades, but where should you start? Here are a few tips to help you achieve mega ROI.

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How to Compile a Mixed Tape From MP3 Files

At one point in time mixed tapes were all the rage, and people would rip songs from various tapes and compile them into a single tap. Nowadays tapes are pretty much gone, but the idea of compiling playlists remains and you can actually create a mixed tape MP3 of your very own from individual songs. Read More

BeoSound 35

BeoSound 35, the new multiroom speaker Bang & Olufsen suitable only for very wealthy pockets

Bang & Olufsen is a brand that designs usually bet on their computers picture and sound, offering high – end features but often with prices impossible for ordinary mortals.

Is just the case of stereo before us, the BeoSound 35 a multiroom powered speaker with the elongated form of a bar pentagonal sound can be used both as a wall hanging on a table or shelf.

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Processing credit cards online

Any type of business – including the brick-and-mortar, mobile, and e-commerce companies – can use third-party suppliers. They are best suited for companies that either have a low credit rating or do not make a lot of credit and debit card transactions each month.

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Google closes Picasa

Picasa missing closure, Google has announced that leaves this tool for editing born in 2002 to focus all its efforts in this field in a more modern service, Google Photos.

It was in 2004 when Google acquired Picasa, developed two years ago by the company Lifescape, and he intended to compete with other services like Flickr or management tools and image editing included in Windows. Now, when they were about to turn two years since the last update, Picasa 3.9 (build 137136), the company has announced its final abandonment.

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Philips TVs medium low range

These are the new TVs medium-low range that Philips has prepared for 2016

Philips has just introduced three interesting new TV medium-low, mid-range or as look, belonging to the series 4000 and 5000. This is the models 4101, 5211 and 5501, to reach the market in the second quarter 2016.

The three screens are characterized by a Full-HD resolution, more than enough for diagonal sizes offered, and some advanced features that were previously only found in high-end models of the brand.

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A cable for charging and backing up your smartphone at the same time

Performing backups of our information should be quick and simple; therefore, some companies have developed methods to perform this task automatically without user intervention. Here we also find a lot of applications and programs that we provide support to our information, but the number of options and configurations available, sometimes makes this a real headache.

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Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks and renews its ventures into a ThinkPad 13 with Chrome OS

We’re on the threshold of CES 2016 the first major technology event of the year, and Lenovo wanted to start with force presenting a full batch of new devices. Now we have spoken of portable ThinkPad X1 Yoga with modular OLED screen and tablet Lenovo X1 Tablet, but there is more.

In the catalog of Chinese manufacturer this year we also found a ThinkPad 13 that we can use with Windows 10 or Chrome OS, the new components of the range ThinkPad T, and a wide range of devices from the All-in-One to modular peripherals designed for their laptops.

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software testing

Crowdsourced versus in-house software testing

Finding the most efficient and effective way to test products in the lead-up to release is the goal of every software company. With end users displaying an increasingly low tolerance for products that fail to work perfectly the first time around, the pressures on today’s development teams are greater than ever before.

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Moto X Play

Moto X Play, battery power and robustness

Motorola adventure with your Moto X range of the 2015 was made ​​up of two very different terminals but entering fully into the upper-middle range. The turn of our test subject him to a month of use as a primary terminal, at which small details that can make a difference come to light. If you want to know what the Moto X Play in the day, strengths and weaknesses that emerge when you least expect.

Excellent design for everyday battles

In our initial analysis of the Moto X Play, the section on design, with weight and finishing at the head, he had a special weight. Not for less. Use of this month with the terminal I have been able to consolidate some of those conclusions primarily related to the design and finish.

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