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AV receiver or only stereo

Which is better, a multi-channel AV receiver or only stereo if we have little budget?

A few days ago we made a selection of stereo equipment for high fidelity fans with moderate budgets that looked for good sound when listening to music. Some of you told me that in these times, why do we recommend amplifiers with only two channels when there are AV receivers on the market that work with 5, 7, 9 or more channels and also serve to listen to music at similar prices?

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Elgato Eve Degree

Elgato Eve Degree, thermometer and intelligent humidity sensor for which price is not a problem

In recent months we are seeing a veritable barrage ofaccessories compatible with HomeKit.And the truth is that the manufacturers are finally embracing the platform and begin to create products that are interesting.Elgato is one of the most advanced and have a full range of compatible products.Today we tell youour experience with your Eve Degree, a thermometer and humidity sensor that fits in the palm of your hand.

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The 9 dangers of hyper connection that your company is not aware of

The smartphone, the laptop, the computers of the company connected to the Internet, to be able to access from the home to the applications and data of the company, at any time whenever we need them that the company is living always connected. Beyond its benefits today we are going to see the 9 perils of hyper connection that your company is not aware of.

Because security is boring. It’s a workout. An obligation imposed by who is not known. After all who wants to attack or steal data to you that you have a small business? Would you leave the door of your company open when your work schedule ends? Few will respond affirmatively. However, it is what they are doing unconsciously to unconcerned about closing the digital door of your company.

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Applications to manage

Applications to manage tasks and stop procrastinating

The personal organization is an issue that we all face in different ways. How we invest our time, to which we give more or less priority, or how we do to remember everything we have to do, is something that almost nobody sees the same way, but at the end of the day we all have to face to decide the best way to make us give up energy.

With the kind of modern lifestyle that we carry, it is normal that more than once we feel overwhelmed and end up procrastinating to not have to deal with problems until the last moment. The good thing is that we do not have to do everything alone, and we can take advantage of technology to give our brain a break, especially to our memory. These applications are just some of the ones you can use to manage your tasks, organize your day and procrastinate less.

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Chrome extensions

How to delete Chrome extensions

As I also indicated to you in my guide on the subject, extensions are one of the most interesting and effective methods to customize Google Chrome. Thanks to them, you can in fact expand the browser’s functions almost indefinitely and speed up a lot of operations that normally require the execution of several tedious steps. Install is simple; you saw it, but remove them? Also! However if you do not know how you can read this my tutorial on how to delete Chrome extensions to find out right away how to precede.

As I said, remove Chrome extensions is a real breeze. Just like the one on the installation, the steps to remove extensions from the big G browser is indeed very easy to implement. Just go in the options of the program and click on a couple of items. This done, in a few moments the extension selected will be removed from the browser.

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Pioneer SE-MS5T

The Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones, a mid-range offering sound support in high resolution

Many times when talking about headphones we have the concept of poor quality products, those of use and pull that we get out of a hurry but offer no sound quality. And that is something that many users do not accept to see. If we want to ensure a decent quality, we have to pay a certain amount of money and no, do not talk three figures, because in the market there are interesting products at affordable prices.

Brands such as Sennheiser, Sony or is in question, Pioneer, have proposals that do not reach the dreaded three digits but offer a response that allows us to enjoy our music wherever we go. And is that, as they say, cheap at the end is expensive, so it is preferable to spend a little more and with the headphones happens the same.

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Honor Magic

Honor Magic bets on design: Everything is curved on a dual camera phone

Expectations were high with Honor Magic, many had put on the table the closest antecedent of Mi Mix, a phone that was initially presented as a concept to end up being a surprising real model. Chinese brands need to say they are there to create, innovate, and remove as soon as possible the idea that you are looking at something that is already on the market.

Honor Magic is that new phone you have to claim the attention to such powerful offering of Chinese artillery, we’ve been talking about it the last few weeks, but now at last we know what makes it special: a system based on curves design, One for each possible side of the phone.

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TP-Link HS105

TP-Link HS105, a connected plug with which to give certain intelligence to our appliances

TP-Link has announced the launch of a new product aimed at providing a minimum capacity of remote control and intelligence to appliances and old appliances we have at home. This is the HS105 Smart Plug Mini, an intelligent plug to plug our gadgets.

With a compact size and a rectangular shape designed to not draw too much attention, the HS105 plugs directly into the wall and has an outlet from which can provide up to 15 amps while connecting to the WiFi home network.

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This panel has a great superpower, it generates drinking water instead of electricity

The shortage of drinking water is today one of the most important problems in our planet, which mostly affects remote areas and developing country, which in turn causes poor hygiene and sanitation, as well as a Significant impact on the quality of life of people.

With this in mind it’s like ‘Source’, comes a solar panel created by the Mass Zero Water startup that aims to remove moisture from the air to condense and thus provide potable water.

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If you really want renewable energy, stop building windmills and solar farms

Against the most optimistic forecasts, wind turbines are springing up like mushrooms and the price of solar energy is now at historic lows. However, increasingly NETHE s hitherto led the energy transition are planning to curb their investments and projects.

Countries like Germany and China have much renewable energy that simply cannot handle it. We live in strange times, a few times when renewable energies are about to die of success.

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