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Playing Basketball

5 Tips For Playing Basketball

The basketball is a sports team very funny and charming, born in America but spread substantially on a global scale. It can be practiced at an amateur level practically by anyone, even if it requires a minimum of natural skills. So if this sport interests you, knock the stereotypes out of your door as well. What is certain is that it is not a very simple sport.

Of simple there is only the required equipment or a rectangular field 15 meters by 28 meters, two baskets and a basketball ball. The rest is represented only and solely by your application skills. The more you will be constant and careful in training, physicists and technicians, the better you will be in this sport. The following guide is a list of five tips of a technical and physical nature that is good to follow to play well in basketball.

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Table tennis

Types of strokes in table tennis

From sports stuff we already several posts introducing us to the world of table tennis, rules, materials … so it’s time to dig a little deeper to see the different types of punches in the sport.

What types of strokes exist in the ping pong?

There are several ways to classify types of strokes in tennis. Depending on which side of the blade body is at the moment of contact with the ball get

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Running shoes

Tips to extend the life of your running shoes

Running shoes are our faithful companions. If we do many kilometers, it may not last us long (maybe a few months). But with some tricks we can extend the life of our running shoes.

From how to use to how to clean them, there are little things we can do every day to make our shoes last us a few kilometers. Although they say that running shoes have an average life of 1,000 kilometers, also depends on other things.

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Play sports without injury

Tips for sports without suffering risks

Turns up the heat and people who want to get well into summer, start making physical activity more frequently and intensity. What checks should be done? How can you avoid injury?

With the approach of summer increases the practice of sports in general and especially those performed outdoors and water. It is important to know which checks must be made previously and which physical areas should be more careful in each case to fully enjoy physical activity, without incurring health risks.

How are we to start?

Many of the typical lesions of each sport can be prevented with a simple visit to the doctor, as well as studies and inspections which find cardiorespiratory conditions and osteoarticular and muscular condition of the patient. If these are good, the risks of fractures and injuries, cardiac or respiratory problems, are reduced significantly. But if there are anomalies, detect them early can, as always, save your life. Routine pre-competitive research for the start of the sport is:

  • Chest x-rays.
  • Spirometry (studying the volumes and expiratory lung volumes and inspiration, with the active participation of the patient).
  • EKG stress.
  • Laboratory studies.

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QPR Open Head Coach Role Dialogue with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Burton Albion FC has reportedly given the green light to QPR to open initial talks with former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink about taking on the position of Head Coach at the club.

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Play Tennis

How to play tennis

One of the most popular sports, but once the exclusive… Tennis requires a lot of training and technique to play with good level. You have to understand the basic rules.

Understanding tennis

It is said that tennis is a sport of gentlemen, because it requires elegance, skill and respect. But there is much more to know about this wonderful sport that keeps the body in optimum condition and conditions, and facilitates both enjoy the outdoors and the company of a worthy opponent.

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