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Getting your dining room ready for Christmas

November is here and before we know it we will be planning our Christmas menu. Whether you are having a quiet family Christmas or having theĀ  whole extended family round for a meal, you can be sure that everyone will be decorating their dining rooms ready for the festive feast. Image credit Once you have Read More

Useful Tips For Cleaning A Restaurant

Finding out useful tips for cleaning a restaurant are an excellent means of ensuring that your restaurant remains clean and hygienic at all times. This would go a long way in ensuring that customers return for more. People love to eat out in places where they feel comfortable and safe, this is why most restaurants Read More

wrap croquettes

How to wrap croquettes at zero coma

Wrap croquettes at zero comaor, what is the same, having 38 croquettes ready to fry in ten minutes is possible if you use the technique I learned in the kitchens of the Hotel Wellington where, until recently, I worked for a while.A technique that makes a tedious task turn into a field trip.

My passing through a professional kitchen has marked a before and after in my kitchen and, to the delight and joy of my children – lovers and swallows in all their forms – has encouraged me to prepare croquettes more often.When itonly takes ten minutes to wrap croquettes for four peoplethings look different, do not you think?

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vegan smoothies

Nine vegan smoothies that will make you fall in love

Smoothies or smoothies are easy, quick preparations that can help us to add good nutrients as well as complete meals that due to lack of time, ideas and more, we often overlook or we finish filling with purchased preparations. That’s why today we show you nine vegan smoothies that will make you fall in love and help you achieve a healthier diet.

Although the shakes shown below have no ingredients of animal origin and are therefore ideal for vegans seeking to prevent nutritional deficiencies, they are also suitable for an omnivorous diet; in fact, I have consumed more than one as a snack or as part of a fresh summer breakfast.

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How this Purple Drank gained all its popularity over the years

I am dedicating this article to the millions of fans out there who love to hang out with this beautiful Purple Drank. Here I want to recall the most glorious history of this party drink. There must be many of us who want to know the story of it and they might often wonder where Read More

Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips: How to cook vegetables to lick your fingers?

One of the more classic purposes is to eat more vegetables and vegetables in general. Whether it’s losing those extra pounds, reducing meat consumption, or looking for healthier habits, it’s never a bad idea to increase your vegetable intake. But do you know how to prepare some delicious vegetables?

It is clear that there are many ways to cook vegetables, but if we are looking for a simple method where they are the protagonists, the roast is the best options. Forget chewy vegetables, soft, bland or unappetizing, follow these tips to roast and enjoy irresistible vegetables.

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Vegan chocolate and orange pastry – Valentine’s Recipe

Yes, it also gives me some allergy to see window displays filled with hearts and overdose of pastel colors, but my way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is more practical. That is, it becomes an excuse to give us some new sweet treat at home, preferably I chocolaty. It is always nice to share a sweet as these vegan chocolate cupcakes and orange, much better if they also share the same blanket on the couch in these cold days.

I adapted a little the original recipe, which comes from a book of 1929. Then doubt very much interested to offer lighter alternatives to sweets or vegans always rather should be seen as a recipe for economic and simple cake, because it does not contain butter or oil or eggs. I have used soymilk but you can use any milk or vegetable drink you have at home. If you are very sweet, increase the amount of sugar up to about 225-250g.

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What is an ultra processed food and why should we reduce its consumption?

We always talk about processed foods with reference to those ingredients that have received an industrial process, which are the product of a food industry. However, in a different category they are ultra processed food, we tell you what they are and why you should reduce your intake.

What is an ultra processed food?

An ultra processed food is, according to the NOVA classification that categorizes foods processing function they have received, one that is made from processed ingredients and contains fresh ingredients or can be identified in their final presentation.

Thus, ultra processed foods are those made to be consumed without further and can replace a full meal.

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Food Waste

5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

It is undeniable that there is a considerable loss of food worldwide, with figures that make the hair stand on end if we consider that there are many people who starve. It is great that governments get involved and take action to resolve this serious problem, but we can contribute our grain of sand, so we will give you 5 tips to reduce food waste.

In our own homes sometimes occur food losses that besides the guilty conscience that supposed negative impact on our economy. With a little organization, it is easy to take advantage of the leftovers of what we cook and diminish our indiscriminate purchase, continue reading to know how to get it.

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eggnog or egg punch

What is eggnog or egg punch? The tradition of an ideal drink for the winter

In many homes it ends Christmas enjoying the King cake dipped in hot chocolate. But although we say goodbye to the Christmas sweets, it is difficult to say goodbye to the traditional chocolate to the cup, now that the coldest of the winter awaits us. Are not you very fond of the cocoa drink? You can try the eggnog or eggnog, another sweet drink associated with the holidays more comforting even when temperatures drop.

Most of us have known the “punch” through film and television that has come from the United States, especially with high school parties where there was always someone who added alcohol to the mix. Overall, it is a mixture of drinks with or without alcohol and usually fruit, but the eggnog has the distinction of being made with egg and milk. Its origin does not finish to clarify but there is something evident, has become a typical drink of winter and is already part of the traditions Christmas.

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