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Is it better to have a child and then get married?

Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, … having children before marriage is not just a fad among celebrities: up to 43% of children are born outside marriage in our country, according to the latest OECD data. Up to 277% more than children born in 1995.

Yes, our mentality has evolved and has children before marriage is not so frowned upon. What’s more, many couples consider it as a prior step to formalize their relationship and cannot help wondering why and if it really is better to have children before marriage.

Some are clear: it takes courage to sign a paper in front of an official who legally formalize your relationship, but nothing compared to the commitment required to raise a child together, when you have to decide who is the brave rises to four am to diapering or who clean the remains of mashed around the room (which has confused your little room with a paint-ball).

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Making the right funeral service decisions

The emotion and impact of the death of a loved one has never changed through the centuries. But what has changed has been the way funerals are conducted today. In fact so many changes have taken place that it can become an added burden for those who are grieving. All the more reason why having an experienced funeral planner available to assist you is so important.

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Perfect family

Family stress: When the family drowns?

Family stress does not have to come only by the blood link, so we must also learn to manage these emotions with other close ones, as friends or colleagues.

Family stress is the most commonly affects people after work. The relationships we have with our partners, children and close relatives sometimes put us in very complex situations that do not really know how to approach.

A cultural idea that everyone has taught us is that “the family is always there for us, which is our first and utmost concern”. Now a fact to consider is that to build an intense and enriching personally link, sometimes, it is not necessary to have a genetic component.

Family is anyone able to exercise significant role of mother, father, brother… One aspect that is also worth remembering is that we should all be good emotional managers. Pillars as respect, understanding, reciprocity and personal growth are details that can help us a lot to strengthen our family relationships.

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keep a family together

How to keep a family together?

To create bonds of family unity, communication is essential. Parents and children should create confidence pillars to ensure stability at home, it is important that there is harmony among all members, from the smallest to the most adult integrating the family business.

Respect for family members, begins to form from small, our children must begin to acquire that knowledge so that they can get used to get along and support your family.

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Children need to be bored

Why children need to be bored

“Mom: I cannot stop the thoughts that come into my head.” A friend told me recently that her daughter, barely five years old, had surprised her with this comment as she carried her to a birthday. Sitting in her car seat in the rear seat of the car, she showed little overwhelmed and bewildered. It is not the first mother tells me something, but in this case it is particularly significant that the girl considered thoughts came to her from outside.

This is not the plot of a fiction film, in the style of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, nor is it a consequence in this case of mental illness, or a point and temporary situation. After discarding all disposable with the psychologist, the conclusion was swift: it is certainly another girl more struck by what we call over stimulation.

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Perfect family

The tyranny of the perfect family

No matter where you look, school, television, movies, blogs, etc.Look at where you look there will always be one to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do as a mother or father, because what matters is how you see others, how is your family in their eyes, the tyranny of Perfect family.

Does anyone feel identified with the type family shown us in society?Because there are two types of family, that perfect family, with children who never bother, always well dressed and of course, almost needless to say anything because they are as if they divided that is what they want their parents even before they say it and on the other hand we have families, usually numerous, kids screaming, jumping, bother and never know how to behave with parents who are saturated and giving to understand that they should never have children.Yeah, that’s what they sell, or are you one or the other and who want to be in hell?

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Healthy Family

The benefits of growing up in a healthy family noticeable in adulthood

Children who grow up in a healthy family not only have better physical health, emotional well, something that is noticeable when they are adults.According to a study, those little ones who have grown up in what are considered‘healthy homes’ are more extroverted, which helps them in their daily work for their future work and love life.

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Keep your family together

Tips to keep the family together

It is very important that the family is united to create a quality within where we can give the best education to our children. Imagine the damage to developing them, a broken home, where only discussions, lack of love between parents, etc.

It is very important to follow a series of tips to help keep the family together from the beginning. About creating healthy habits it will be easier if we do it from the start so that is normal for the child.

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Oraganize a Holiday

How to organize holidays without children

Is it possible to go on vacation without the children and not feel guilt? Of course! Learn some tips to organize.

Family Vacations organizing and childless

Many marriages do not decide to go on vacation without the children not to feel guilt, and this need not be so. It is true that will be missed, but also good occasionally do things without children are around us.

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