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Moving your Elderly Relative into your Home

For some elderly people, moving in with their children can be the best option for them. Whether they are having difficulties with vision or mobility, or perhaps they have a degenerative health condition such as dementia. For some, it may be that they have lost their spouse and are feeling lonely or isolated. There are Read More

How to find best divorce lawyer?

When a couple goes through a divorce, the entire process involves many serious decisions that will affect not only the couple but their entire family. If children are involved, the impact on their lives can be very serious, which is why its so important to bring in experienced lawyers skilled in the laws regarding every Read More

Four Great Outdoor Games for Your Next Summer Party

There is nothing in the world quite like enjoying a warm summer day with family and friends. Once you have the food on the grill and drinks in the ice chest, it is time to start thinking about some games and activities that will keep your guests entertained.

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Smiling & Self-Esteem

Humans have a deep emotional need for self-esteem. It affects all our relationships in life and how important we feel within those relationships, whether they be personal or with society. Self-esteem is difficult for some, who feel anxious and less confident about the way they look. If youve struggled with accepting the way your teeth Read More

encourage dialogue in family

How to encourage dialogue between parents and children

Of course, there is no basic rule for improving communication in a family. Each family is a different world and has a unique language. However, there should be, as a way to improve communication, will, interest, and availability, by parents, so that this space is created and lived intensely, as much as possible. If what they want is a united family, the best way, the most successful way, is communication.

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Dating After Divorce

A Michigan divorce is often bittersweet. Sure, youre out of a bad relationship and looking towards the future, but now what? Quiet days turn into lonely nights, and theyre only intensified when your ex jumps into a new and apparently perfect relationship. Suddenly thoughts of whats wrong with me, why cant I, or when will I enter the picture. Whether married for 30 days or 30 years, chances are there will come a time when youre ready to reconnect on a non-platonic basis. When that happens is completely up to you, but there are some things you should consider prior to dating after divorce.

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Do you want to have a close and happy family? Follow these 6 tips

At present, divorce, abuse, aggression, infidelity, lack of communication, selfishness, etc. are increasing daily. What is happening? It seems that all homes are going down … Do not be part of this percentage. What to do?

In this article, we want to give you some keys to keeping a family happy. It should be mentioned that this is not a magic formula, but applying them can make a difference, achieve peace and harmony in your home.

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Co-Parenting Tips

Kids are far more resilient than most adults believe. According to Pew Research, fewer than half of the kids in America live in traditional households where a mom and dad are happily married. So chances are, your kids have known there was trouble in paradise for quite awhile and may even have had their own support system outside of the home long before you announced plans to divorce. Nonetheless, well-rounded kids look to their parents for guidance and support over anyone else in their lives. And parents who insist on doing whats right and putting the needs of their children above all else during and after their Michigan divorce often attempt a co-parenting routine. While co-parenting isnt for everyone, with the right tips and outlook its nowhere near as hard as may otherwise seem.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter

Easter is fast approaching, and you’ll need to plan well in advance if you want the weekend to be magical for your little ones. Here are just a few tips for a happy, hoppy holiday! 1. Create an Easter Trail You can turn the Easter Bunny into Santa Claus when you create a “trail” of Read More


Is it possible to take a year off to be a mother and then back to work as if nothing?

It weighs just six kilos and leave the care of someone else breaks your soul. I know because a few years ago, I went through it and although never raised me to give up my ambitions and my career, the temptation to take some time off to enjoy my baby was too big.

But what is our society ready to get down labor wagon us for a while? Is it easy to take a break, a “kit-kat professional” to enjoy our kids and return after sometime as if nothing? Lets look at the situation and draw conclusions.

My first experience with taking a sabbatical to look after their own children had time through my friend Adela, eight years older than me and pioneer in my group of friends in this to get pregnant.

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