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Towing tips for winter weather

Towing can be tricky at the best of times but in winter it is even more so. When the roads become more treacherous than usual, it is wise to know how to handle towing safely. Image credit The first priority is to make sure that the towing vehicle is in good condition and winter ready. Read More

How to streamline your business finances

Whether you work for a small firm or a large industry, you’re always going to be looking to streamline the businesses finances. Cash flow and accounting are tight for any going concern, and if a way can be found to make that quicker, then why not take it. One thing that you can do is Read More

Tips for Diesel System Maintenance

If you work in the construction or trucking industry, chances are you work with diesel-powered machines. Diesel is a good option for heavy machinery because it provides power, performance, reliability and good mileage. In addition, modern diesel engines produce fewer emissions than gasoline. Most diesel motors use a fuel injection system, which pressurizes fuel into Read More

What are WAV vehicles?

For years wheelchair users have struggled with one fundamental transport problem, how to move their chairs over long distances. The wheelchair is cumbersome, and many users can still use cars or have carers that can transport them for recreation, shopping, or simply visiting friends and a family. Luckily modern technology has come up with the Read More

Three Jobs For People Who Love to Drive

Depending on where you live and your qualifications, finding a job isn’t difficult, but finding a job you love can be a different story. Most of us dream about waking up every morning excited about going to our job instead of dragging yourself there out of obligation. If you can align your passions with your Read More

Finding Low Car Insurance Rates In Sacramento

The residents of Sacramento are always ready to find a bargain, even when it comes to their car insurance. When you are looking for the affordable car insurance Sacramento consumers enjoy, you need to have a plan to go along with your search. There are a few tips Sacramento car owners can use that will Read More

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace conquers Laguna Seca: It is the fastest production electric car in the Californian circuit

The Jaguar I-Pace can already claim to be the fastest production electric car in Laguna Seca. Newcomer to the market, the zero emission SUV was presented as a real alternative to the Tesla Model X and now with this new feat, he throws the glove to the American SUV. Will we see it try to overcome it in the American layout?

Shortly before making an appearance at the Pebble Beach Elegance Contest, where he has been surrounded by spectacular concepts and hyper-sports, the Nissan I-Pace decided to go through the WeatherTech circuit at Laguna Seca. With the pilot and American journalist Randy Pobst at his command, the electric SUV ‘made in’ Jaguar has set a time of 1: 48.18 minutes on the Californian track.

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Audi A1 Sportback 2018

Audi A1 Sportback 2018: More technology in content format

The Audi A1 Sportback 2018 picks up the witness of the first A1, the one that arrived in 2010, giving the second generation of the compact a greater technological presence and a slightly more generous length. Focused on the integration of the digital world, the new A1 represents a leap forward for the youngest of the four rings.

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How to Protect a Hot Rod

Because most hot rods are designed with valuable, vintage parts and very expensive upgrades, practical steps must be taken to protect these automobiles. In order to avoid risky situations, you’ll need a solid defensive strategy for environmental elements and tactical solutions that can prevent criminal acts. Use a Commercial-Grade Tarp By using a tarp, you Read More

Preparing for a Career in the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Industry

A career in the automotive industry is worth pursuing since many businesses need dedicated workers who fully understand how to service modern and vintage automobiles. The automotive industry is popular because major manufacturers are constantly designing new automotive technologies. These technologies give modern engineers opportunities to build enhanced cars with advanced features. If you want Read More

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