Day: November 22, 2021

What is the difference between a job description and a person specification?

When advertising for a job vacancy there are two key documents that you need to prepare. These are a job description and a person specification. A procurement recruitment agency like will produce detailed versions of each of these for the jobs that they are advertising for their clients. If you were wondering what the Read More

What materials do we use in construction?

The construction industry is ever changing and this is sometimes due to new technologies that are created and better ways of working, or it can be as a result of new legislation or requirements that are aimed to keep construction workers safe on site. But, one thing that often remains the same is the materials Read More

Fascinating facts about petroleum

Did you know that the word ‘petroleum’ comes from two separate Latin words. ‘Petra’ meaning stone or rock and ‘oleum’ meaning oil? Here are some more facts about this extremely useful substance that you might not know: The very first mention of the word ‘petroleum’ occurred in 1556 and was used by a German mineralogist. Read More

What do we use hydraulics for?

Hydraulics are used in many circumstances but the most common area is in construction. When you walk past a building site, you will doubtless see a large number of vehicles working loudly. These machines are required to move and place tons of rubble, Earth and construction materials every day. The common factor that allows them Read More