Food. How it looks is just as important as how it tastes. It is the X factor of making you want to eat it. Chefs work so hard to create a dish that is appealing to the eye and to the taste buds. How do they do this? For that you ned to look into our brains and how they work. As cave people we were true omnivores. Omnivores eat anything but in the early days of human existence we were not concerned as to whether the basil we had with our meat was chopped and vegetables were just there to be eaten. If Carrots were julienne it did not matter a jot. Culture, of course, has influenced the appearance of food and we are very tuned into what different food types of international Cuisine there are. Wherever you are in the world you can try a different cultures food rather than relying on the indigenous one. For example, If you are on holiday in Dublin and are searching on the internet for Italian Restaurant Dublin it is worth taking a look at You dont have to eat just Irish Stew.

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Even now the role of the of the experimental Chief is well paid and a much sought-after position. Can you imagine how much the chef that invented Fish Fingers was paid? Look also at Colonel Sanders, if he was responsible, for the revolution of chicken coating that has spanned an empire. If we focus though on Italian cuisine we have a good example of how cuisine can change and be influenced. If we look at Italian food, it has the basics of pasta primarily. Pasta is a development from the Chinese cuisine of noodles brought back by Marco Polo and developed with the existing food which was based around the Mediterranean foods of Olives, Bread and Fish. Etruscan food, before they were absorbed by the Romans, featured a more flavoured meat-based diet.

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Combining all of these together, the strong flavours and the colours of the food that seem to follow the flag of the country, this creates a strong cuisine brand that has translated across the globe. Add to this the factor that the Romans conquered pretty much all of Europe and North Africa and you have an influence that is centuries old. Add to this the Italian diaspora to the United States of America and you complete the picture as the migrants wanted to take the food of the old country over to the new world.

With this mixture it is easy to see why Italian food is seen as being one of the most beautiful types of Cuisine.


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