Turmeric as Kratom booster – Enhance the Kratom effect

Turmeric as Kratom booster – Enhance the Kratom effect

A particular effect of turmeric medicinal plant is that it can boost and prolong the effect of the opioid acting medicinal and noise plant Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

Why exactly does this is not clarified, but it is presumed that this is due to an MAO-inhibiting effect of the Gelbwurz the case. Sure, this plant is MAO-inhibitor, but it is not as mentioned above and if it is only a weak MAO-inhibitory effect, because of which you do not have a tyrosine and tyramine-poor diet!

For the enhance of the Kratom euphoria it is best to use 1-3g dried turmeric powder either together with the Kratom or if the opioid effect is already felt. About 20-60 minutes after ingestion of turmeric, the intensification should then adjust. This should even work and the effect should be brought back into the foreground, if the Kratom taken already more than 10 hours ago!

Some people who tested turmeric as Kratom boosters report that a slight opioid effect is still felt 24 hours after the consumption of Kratom and turmeric. Turmeric as a Kratom booster is therefore also very suitable for addicts who want to reduce their consumption!

Consumption form of turmeric

The easiest way is to simply pour the dried root powder from a teaspoon into the mouth and drink a drink. However, some people are uncomfortable with this kind of intake, even if the flavor of turmeric is not as intense and repulsive as some other medicinal plants.

Nevertheless, the plastic-like taste that is especially noticeable when you pure turmeric takes in the mouth, has so focused definitely something unpleasant. Alternatively, you can order empty capsules on the Internet, which are then filled manually with the turmeric powder.

For this purpose, the desired dose of powder is placed on a piece of aluminum foil and the two capsule halves (one-half each in one hand) are placed on each other on this aluminum foil so that the turmeric is properly pressed into the capsules. For each empty capsule of the size 00 approx. 0.8g can be filled!

If one is too cumbersome, the root powder can also be mixed into a drink or a meal. Delicious turmeric in orange juice! Simply pour 1-5g (depending on the desired effect) into a glass of O-juice and stir well, a splash of lemon juice improves the taste even more.

In dishes, Turmeric fits perfectly to curry. An Asian or Indian dish with rice, chicken meat, vegetables and a curry turmeric sauce is the perfect way to do with indulgence for its health.

The fresh turmeric root is not to be found because of the long import route. This can also be used perfectly as a medical spice for Asian dishes. To improve the intake of the turmeric, you can mix it with a little black pepper. These promote blood circulation and significantly increase bioavailability so that a lot more active ingredients are absorbed! 10% standard, powdered black pepper to the turmeric capsules (e.g. 70-100mg pepper + 0,7g turmeric) improves the intake enormously!

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