The Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones, a mid-range offering sound support in high resolution

The Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones, a mid-range offering sound support in high resolution

Many times when talking about headphones we have the concept of poor quality products, those of use and pull that we get out of a hurry but offer no sound quality. And that is something that many users do not accept to see. If we want to ensure a decent quality, we have to pay a certain amount of money and no, do not talk three figures, because in the market there are interesting products at affordable prices.

Brands such as Sennheiser, Sony or is in question, Pioneer, have proposals that do not reach the dreaded three digits but offer a response that allows us to enjoy our music wherever we go. And is that, as they say, cheap at the end is expensive, so it is preferable to spend a little more and with the headphones happens the same.

Pioneer SE-MS5T

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And back to Pioneer, the Asian brand and is selling the headphones Pioneer SE-MS5T, a mid – range model and even input highlighting especially the possibility of reproducing frequencies above 20 kHz, reaching the limit of The 40 kHz. And what does this mean? Well, that can be used to play music in high resolution (Hi Res Audio), which is increasingly fashionable you can test your computer with music in high resolution.

The Pioneer SE-MS5T are headphones of supraurales headband with metallic appearance are however made of plastic, which can make the time and use lose details in the terminations. The plastic however makes it lighter, obtaining a weight of 230 grams, which translates into a greater comfort that is accentuated with the use of leather pads.

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This model incorporates a control cable with a button and microphone so that we can use in hands – free mode with our smartphone, to which we can connect through jack 3’5 mm jack (with an adapter for 6 mm if we use them on a stereo).

For sound and completing the offer a frequency response ranging from 9 Hz to 40 kHz with a sensitivity of 96dB / mW and an impedance of 32 Ohm. We found no yes, active noise cancellation, but of course we are dealing with basic headphones.

Price and availability

The Pioneer SE-MS5T are available in various colors such as silver, brown, black and red and can be found in stores at prices that revolve around 60 dollars.

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