The 9 dangers of hyper connection that your company is not aware of

The 9 dangers of hyper connection that your company is not aware of

The smartphone, the laptop, the computers of the company connected to the Internet, to be able to access from the home to the applications and data of the company, at any time whenever we need them that the company is living always connected. Beyond its benefits today we are going to see the 9 perils of hyper connection that your company is not aware of.

Because security is boring. It’s a workout. An obligation imposed by who is not known. After all who wants to attack or steal data to you that you have a small business? Would you leave the door of your company open when your work schedule ends? Few will respond affirmatively. However, it is what they are doing unconsciously to unconcerned about closing the digital door of your company.


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We lose data almost without realizing it

  • The remote access has become a security hole for attacks and malware entry. Telework can become a problem if no additional security measures are taken.
  • Careful if you synchronize your mobile phone with a rental car, your contact list can be exposed with valuable data from your customers.
  • Drobox, Google Drive, OneDrive are the new USB to take the data of the company. If they are used as a particle user, data control is lost at the time a file is included on these virtual hard disks.
  • Account in social networks only what you need to communicate, do not offer more data than necessary. The Internet knows a lot more about you and the company than you can imagine.

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Data theft and hacking

  • You can not connect to any WiFi if you want to protect your data. The encrypted connection, the possibility to see other clients that also connect wireless, viruses, data theft, etc. WiFi if, but safe, better to use your own VPN.
  • The security is not confined to the perimeter of the office. It is not enough to close the door to be safe; to be always connected implies that we have multiple open doors.
  • The camera of that laptop in the office, the smartphone or IP cameras can be hacked relatively easily.
  • The creation of passwords, their renewal and storage for the internal scope, but also for Internet services has become a problem, or will be when they discover the one you have been carrying without changing years.
  • Being always connected implies that everyone contacts you regardless of the time. If I’m working, you’re working. If a client works on Sunday, you will also do it for him.
  • Your productivity will go through the floors, you are more aware of the notifications that arrive than of what you have to do in each moment. The interruptions are constant.

Surely some more can be identified. Of course, they are not all problems. Working connected to the Internet has great advantages for companies; otherwise there would be no broadband connection or smartphones for the workers.

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