Neuroscience applied to shopping: How do they affect the brain bargains?

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Why a bag becomes an object of desire? In a “I love you” irresistible? What makes us worship this or that other mark without knowing exactly what will occur in your next collection? Where do the impulses, love at first sight that leads us to “need” something that until a few seconds even know existed? Read More

17 rules for shopping

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If you are the type that enters a shop and wants to take all the things you need, then check out these 17 rules for shopping. Following more than one, choosing what you like and safe saving some money. 1-Buy basic items Sure that happens you walk into a store and there are many things Read More

Avoiding impulse purchases

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Learn these easy tips to avoid impulse purchases, especially for the Christmas season or on special dates. Tips to avoid impulse purchases As Christmas approaches, family gatherings and spending threaten our finances, but you can learn to avoid impulse purchases to start the New Year with retained savings or for any special occasion schedule to test us. Do Read More