Recommendations to practice running at night

Recommendations to practice running at night

Working hours or simply the change of seasons ago when the sun goes down proliferate lovers running, a sport popular among other things by its low cost. However we must consider some recommendations especially if we practice running urban. This is what you should consider.

When night many streets and parks of our cities are filled with runners who train daily in so-called “night races”. The night races are also booming. The sunset is one of the ideal for sports moments due to lower temperatures, which directly affects summertime sweating, hydration and fatigue that produces training. In addition to train late in the day can forget work stress, facilitates sleep and a frontal the next day with renewed vigor. The running night has many advantages but we must also take into account some recommendations for practice with security.

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Poor lighting and constant dangers of an urban environment, in which we must always be alert to any unforeseen, forces us to take some safety precautions that are not as necessary during the day. The road traffic is one of the greatest enemies of the runner. As cyclists the runner must be visible to drivers using reflective fabrics showing their presence. They are highly recommended fabrics with bold color bars that attract the attention of cars and even the use of a LED light that works by battery.

Although the hours of sunset the temperature drops significantly and sweating is less moisture also increases. It is therefore advisable to wear clothes that let transpire the skin perfectly and do not retain sweat, and otherwise cause an increase in body temperature and therefore further dehydration and fatigue. Comfort is key, so the clothes must have sufficient elasticity to allow complete freedom of movement.

For the colder months will find a wide variety of thermal clothing that will help us better keep warm and carry elements designed for runners night. It is preferable to use these garments that retain heat to get one layer after another to avoid the cold.

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When we run the legs and feet are the parts of our body that can more easily detect other road users, as they are in constant motion. Some shoes with elements that blink before the lights are highly recommended, in the market we can find even some that make visible these reflectors 360 degrees of visibility.

For runners who use the verges of roads running are very suitable shirts with reflective front that will allow drivers traveling in the opposite direction to ours detect us immediately. Although it seems obvious advice must always run on the hard shoulder on the road and never intended to vehicles and do always contrary to them, many abuses occur not keep this logical precaution. To address any issues that we may have must always carry a mobile phone and if possible run accompanied.

Before crossing a road we must make ourselves visible to drivers and make sure they know our intention. We must always keep all senses alert so, though it’s hard to give it up, do not use the two headphones at the same time. If we canceled we isolate sound perception of the environment and are unable to make decisions safely. In some cases it may even be subject to a fine.

Remember that nothing prevents you to practice running at night is even more advisable to do at other times of the day but it is necessary for your safety and that of those who share your training camp follow these guidelines. And now … run!

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