• whitened teeth with Activated charcoal
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    Clean and whitened teeth with Activated charcoal

    Many people today know about the benefits of brushing teeth with activated charcoal. This method is considered one of the most effective and affordable. After reading our article, you will find out whether it is possible to use activated charcoal for dental cleaning, how often to carry out this procedure, and whether it does not […]

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    When buying a holiday home consider these things

    If you are thinking about buying a holiday home, there are various points to consider. If you plan to use the holiday home simply as a retreat for your family, you may look at different aspects than you would if you hope to let it out for part of the year. Think about how often […]

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    Victorian Vintage has more to it than meets the eye

    As the focal point for design in the home, the living room has long been an outlet for personal style. And no more so than for those living in Victorian times – for although we often think of the popular, yet somewhat depressing, Dickensian image of 19th century poverty, the reality was often quite different. […]

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    The breakdown on nano coatings

    A nano-coating is thin by definition. Achieving nano thickness coatings that are uniform and bond effectively is a technological challenge, while the unique qualities they can impart is the subject of substantial research effort.