How to change a tyre in an emergency.

If we were being honest any time a tyre requires changing its probably an emergency. There are certain things that you can do to stop it happening in the first place like checking the tyre for wear and tear, ensuring there are no sharp objects in it and that the tyre pressure is correct as well as visiting a MOT Gloucester company each year for a full car check-up. If it does happen, and you have a spare or space saver to put on then the first thing to do is not panic. Its a relatively simple job to do and its really more of an annoyance. For example, its how Doctor David Banner discovered he was the incredible Hulk for the first time and he ended up trashing the car. To be fair it was raining at the same time.

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If it should happen make sure you follow these rules.

  1. Try and get the car on a flat surface. Never try and change it on a slope. Stick the handbrake on and call the local garage or the AA/RAC if you have membership as its risky. Also try and get the car off the road down a side street if in town or services if on the Motorway. If the tyre is completely gone then call the emergency services if youre on the Motorway.
  2. Make sure that you have all the tools needed to change a tyre in the car. It might seem obvious but when you buy a car you do not always get them. You will need a jack to raise the car as a minimum and a tyre iron or wrench to remove the wheel nuts.

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  1. Block the other tyres. The last thing that you need is for the car to start rolling about.
  2. If the tyre is on the front of the car put the car in a high gear as when you turn the wheel nuts so will the wheel. You dont have to worry about doing this if its on the back.
  3. Wheel covers can be a bit annoying and stiff to get off. A wrench usually has a flat end to prise this off with.
  4. Loosen the nuts individually; they will go eventually and with a bit of effort. Remove the tyre and lay it down flat. Put the nuts in the tyre so that you know where they are.
  5. Place the replacement on the car and tighten the nuts in a star pattern bottom right then top left etc.

Once its on and tight and get it to a garage if its a new tyre needed as space savers have a limited life. If its a replacement tyre its a good idea to still go and get it balanced properly.


The Most Common Trees in the UK

There are an incredible 60,000 species of trees across the globe. Who knew there were that many different varieties of trees? The UK is home to many varieties from the weeping willow to the oak of folklore. Which trees are most common here though? Lets take a look:

These are some of the most common native trees to the UK.

Alder this tree is mostly found growing in moist woodland and marshes. It can be identified by its female catkins which look like little brown cones that remain on the tree all year round. It was once believed that alder flowers were used to dye the clothes of fairies!

Beech prefers to grow on chalky or limestone soil and has hairy-edged leaves with four-lobed seed cases. The beech has strong feminine symbolism and called the queen of the British woodland.

Oak this is the UKs most common tree and features strongly in the tradition and folklore of our land. It is more commonly found in southern and central England and displays distinctive leaves with short stalks and curved lobes. Some of the older, larger oaks can be up to 40m tall. If you need help maintaining a tree on your property, contact a Tree Surgeon Poole at

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Hawthorn a common sight in scrubland, hedgerows and wooded areas of the UK. You can identify it by its white flower clusters that have 5 petals and a spiny twig. This tree provides the food for more than 300 species of insects.

Holly this tree is prevalent in gardens, woodland and parkland. Its unique appearance features dark green shiny and spiked leaves, along with red berries that weve all seen pictured on Christmas cards. Did you know that its considered unlucky to cut down holly trees? Speak to a Tree Surgeon Dorset if you have one that needs cutting back.

Rowan this is also sometimes called the mountain ash and is often found growing at high altitudes. It has leaves with a feather-like appearance and were once planted as protection from witchcraft.

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Silver Birch youll see silver birch trees on dry soil in woodlands, heaths and on downs. Their bark colour makes them stand out as they have a white/silvery bark with triangle-shaped leaves. In Scottish folklore, the birch is a symbol of love and fertility. Farmers would herd cows with birch sticks in the hope that they would go on to have healthy calves.

Small-leaved Lime this tree grows best in moist, nutrient-rich soils. It has distinctive heart-shaped leaves and rusty-brown twigs that shine in the sunshine. On the underside of the leaf, small red hairs grown along the vein.

White Willow the White Willow enjoys wet ground, such as next to streams or riverbanks. The leaves are distinctive in that they are paler than other willows and a thin, oval shape. Around the time of Jesus, willows were seen as a symbol of celebration but are now more associated with mourning and grief.

Energize your employees

We spend a lot of time at work, but your workplace doesnt have be dull and lifeless. If we must be stuck in an office from 9-5, then lets find ways to re-energize ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that a bit of fun and laughter in the workplace can improve staff productivity levels! So, lets lighten up, loosen those ties and bring some fun back into the office. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:

Introduce a themed day

We all know about casual Friday, but surely, we can do better than that? Why not finish a busy week with a fun theme to boost morale and get everyone in the mood for the weekend? If youre stuck for ideas, hold a vote and let staff decide. Dont forget to include a few ground rules about what is still considered as appropriate attire for the workplace. Some examples include Superhero Day, come to work in your pyjamas or a 70s theme. Perhaps you could tie it in with whatever sector your business is in.

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Get decorating

An easy way of spicing things up a bit is to decorate your office. This could include bright wallpaper, humorous posters or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a bright colour. Get the team involved as a great way to engage everyone. Allowing staff to decorate their own personal space can boost morale. Just remember to keep it business appropriate.

Introduce fun furniture

Office furniture doesnt have to be bland and grey. While you cant do much about an individuals ergonomic desk chair, why not consider introducing some fun furniture like the Panton Chair in the break areas and kitchen for example? Liven up the atmosphere with the Panton Chair from Pash Classics.

Introduce the extended lunch break

If youre interested in forging greater relationships between your team members, then try to introduce one longer lunch break a month that allows all team members to eat together. Try not to use it as an excuse for a team meeting or to talk shop, but maybe catch a matinee, visit a restaurant or go bowling for example.


Playing is not just for children. When we get older, we forget how to play, but its actually really beneficial for you both physically and mentally. Try incorporating some playtime into your workplace every day. This can be as simple as bringing in some foam balls, nerf guns or board games for lunchtime. Playing together can help foster better working relationships, helps employees to feel more energized and stop the culture of clock-watching and boredom. Organising team events and away days is another way of introducing elements of fun and play back into the working experience.



Wedding Venues to Suit Your Personality

If youre busy looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, youre really spoiled for choice these days. Its an important choice too, as the venue sets the tone for the entire occasion. So, what will your venue say about your personality? Here are some examples of different personality types and what kind of venue would suit them best.

Traditional Types

For couples who desire a traditional wedding day and an all in one venue for the whole day, should ideally consider a hotel venue. Hotels are great for providing a blank canvas in terms of decoration and there are a wide range of packages available to tailor the day to your budget. For details on a hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire, visit Hatton Court.

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Cool & Quirky

For those looking for an unusual and offbeat wedding celebration, venues like former industrial warehouses offer the perfect backdrop for any theme ideas. You can install quirky creative lighting, making it ideal for weddings with strong themes.

Bookworms & Academics

Yes, you can even get married in a library these days! For those couples who love nothing more than the pursuit of knowledge and snuggling up with a good book, this could be the perfect choice.


If youre looking for a day to enjoy the finer things in life, then youll want a venue that shouts, look at me. Consider getting hitched in a stunning stately home full of elegance and grandeur. Even better, blow your savings on a magical castle wedding and tie the knot like royalty. Hotels can also offer a touch of glam, so consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

Outdoor Types

Couples who love getting out into the great outdoors should consider an outdoor wedding featuring a marquee, tepee or yurt for their venue. This is ideal for a festival-style wedding theme with live music and a more laidback and fun approach.

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Sporty Couples

Perhaps you both share a sporty hobby or support the same team. Whatever your passion, why not incorporate it into your big day? A sporting venue would make the perfect choice and you can even match your colour theme to the colours of your favourite team! Golf and cricket clubs offer attractive wedding packages.

Culture Vultures

What could be more perfect for culture seekers than a museum or historic place of interest to celebrate their big day? Many museums are housed in elaborate and impressive old buildings and guests can take in all the exhibits while they celebrate with you.

For the Foodies

For those who love food and all things food-related, a restaurant makes the ideal choice. Restaurant weddings have a modern and cosmopolitan feel, as you share fantastic cuisine with your closest family and friends. Perhaps its the location of your first date or somewhere you both love to spend date night?

Facts About Expanding Lathes

When it comes to lathes, many people may have a general idea about what they are and how they operate but they may not be aware of the intricacies of such specialized lathes such as the expanding mandrel lathe. Here are some facts about these interesting lathes that you probably did not know about before.

They can be used with a wide variety of different tools. These tools may include such things as collets, jaw chucks, vises, and any number of other special fixtures that work well with the expanding mandrel lathe. They can also be used if the material being worked with needs to be held side by side. This can be very important to do and keeps the project operating in a safe and efficient manner.

There are some great benefits to using these kinds of lathes. For one thing, they do not require any kind of special adapters with which to function. That being said, they can still be used with special tools if need be. This makes them very versatile and a great way to finish that project which has been hanging over your head for a while.

The lathe will be able to be machinable according to the desires of the customer. This is a great way for the customer to gain satisfaction while still being able to control the outcome of the project to what they need. In addition all of these benefits, the lathe can also be actuated in a manual fashion so that it is easier to adjust. This is a great benefit to those that know how to do this.

As you can see, there are a great number of benefits to those that choose to use this in this manner. Why not try it out today?

How to Reduce Your Business Overhead Costs

The cost of running a business is a concern to anyone that favors a push for future growth and maximizing the value. You can find ways to reduce these costs by making a complete assessment of your operations and management from top to bottom and making any necessary adjustments to save on both predicted and unexpected costs.

Assess the Overall Business Model and How Well Everything Meshes

Unexpected and unwanted business operational expenses often happen due to a lack of cohesive and cooperative departments, divisions, or even individuals. When people and parts of your business aren’t on the same page, money will be lost. Perhaps the business model needs to be modified.

Determine Your Performance Issues That Lead to Financial Waste

A lack of performance in any area of your business will translate to financial waste and loss. A waste of materials, bad raw materials prices, or simply paying too much in transporting deliveries can equate to higher overhead costs than necessary.

Improve Decision Making

Making fast and firm decisions can get things in motion with less dead time. Slow or no-decision making for long periods of time can back everything up and cost you revenue. It’s important to get down to business and make wise decisions timely.

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

How effective is every area of your operation? Do you have the right people in the right positions to get things done? Running your business leaner and more effectively will save on overhead expenses. You won’t be doing things more than once to get your desired results.

Develop Strategic Management and Operation

Making every move and decision count in your management and operations save you overhead costs. Eliminating wasted time also saves on labor hours, management hours, and gets your results faster.

Learn how to make the changes you need in your business to reduce overhead in Miami. You can operate more effectively and efficiently, putting more annual revenue in your pockets.

The Top Convenience and Grocery Store Trends to Capitalize On

Grocery store trends come and go. One trend thats been appearing in more stores lately is the food bar trend. This trend has to do with convenience, warm meals and shoppers wanting options that are quick, fresh and easy. If youre interested in the trends that might boost sales in your store, check out these top developments.

Convenience Foods

Most shoppers love convenience foods. After a long day at work, there might not be time to cook a full meal. There are days where every shopper needs something convenient and quick to grab. Likewise, they want a cooked meal that they can take it home to serve their family. If you lack convenience food options in your store, then you are missing a broad demographic.

Hot Foods

Like convenience foods, stores are seeing a rise in hot foods in stores. This is because people dont have a lot of time. Sometimes its difficult to pick up something and bring it home to heat it up. Hot foods have many benefits. Hot food displays are popping up everywhere. There are island and end cap options. You can keep your choice of meats warm and ready to pick up. Chicken, for instance, is a popular option when it comes to hot food.

Salad Bars

Along with the warm options, salad bars are also making a name for themselves in grocery stores. Salad bars allow people to pick the kinds of toppings they want on their salad, along with the amount that they need. Most like to be able to look through a fresh selection rather than purchasing a prepacked salad. If you have a salad bar complementing your hot food display, then you will see business going back and forth between the two. After all, salad makes an excellent side to a hot meal.

Soup Islands

On cold days, soup always sounds good. Soup islands allow consumers to pick from a variety of warm soups. This is more convenient and often a lot more tasty than picking up a can of soup in the aisle. No matter the season, soup is a popular choice and not going anywhere.

Everyone has days where they want something a little more convenient. What is more convenient than a display of warm food? Many customers prefer home cooked comfort foods in these displays. Something filling that their family or guests will love. If youre considering adding to your store, food bars are the way to go.

What Is a Grease Trap and Why Do You Need One?

It’s fair to say that commercial kitchens will produce a lot of grease. This oily substance that generally comes from vegetable oils or animal fats might appear to be a common substance in kitchens, but the molecular make-up is actually complicated, and therefore disposal of grease needs to be thoughtful and appropriate.

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We all know what happens when you mix water and grease together – they refuse to mix and become difficult to cleanse or remove. An article in Mocomi states that this is due to their differing densities. In order to separate the two substances and make disposal quicker, cleaner and more effective, many kitchens (both domestic and commercial) will use a grease trap. But what exactly are these and how could they benefit your kitchen?

What Is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap – also known as a grease interceptor – is a system that works alongside plumbing equipment to trap grease as the water drains away. By separating the two substances you manage to avoid the messy result of the two reacting together.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Grease Trap?

By not allowing grease and water to mix, your whole cleansing process will be much cleaner and simpler. But from a wider perspective, using a grease trap can save you a lot of time and hassle down the line. By allowing your drains and waste system to become clogged up with grease and oil, you run the risk of costly and inconvenient blockages that go far beyond your own plumbing system. There have been many recent instances of sewers becoming blocked up with large volumes of grease that can cause major disruption for everyone in the local area and even interfere with drinking water systems. So it is in everyone’s benefit to install stainless steel grease traps from, as this simple piece of equipment can make a big difference.

Is It a Legal Requirement?

So beneficial are the environmental benefits of grease traps that larger corporations and businesses are required to have them by law. If you are producing large volumes of grease, it stands to reason that you should take reasonable precautions to reduce any damage it can cause. Aside from avoiding plumbing blockages, trapped grease can also be recycled.

Six Office Fit Out FAQs

When considering an office fit out, refurbishment or relocation, there are typically six questions which come up. Identifying these questions and knowing the answers will help you decide if a fit out is right for your office space.

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1. Are Design And Style Really That Important?

When it comes to offices, most people agree about function before form. But a good fit out will give you both, and the function will lead the form. When surveyed, most UK workers show a preference for stylish offices with atmosphere. Feeling good about where you work is a morale boost and can also support productivity.

2. Whats Better – Fit Out or Relocation?

While a fit out may mean moving departments around to remain operational, relocations can result in more lost productivity. So when youre considering whats best, think about business trends, growth and downsizing. Can your current space handle these possibilities? If not, its time to move; if yes, its time to fit out the existing space. Good office fit out companies will always be happy to sketch out the alternatives.

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3. How Much Will It Cost?

A quality office fit out will cost between 30 and 100 per square foot. However, size, design, complexity and furnishing specification will also play a part in the end cost.

Fit out companies such as Mobius will always make sure your budget is respected and used effectively. Creating your optimum workspace within budget is why companies go to professional outfitters.

4. How Long Does An Office Fit Out Take?

Office fit outs are a complicated process, and how long they take often depends on the extent of the fit out and the nature of the office or business. However, fit outs which occur during ongoing operations tend to work effectively. So while each section may face disruption at some point, its not cumulative.

5. Should I Get a Project Manager?

If youre not hiring a professional fit out company, someone will need to project-manage the fit out.

6. When Should I Schedule a Fit Out?

While you can arrange a fit out for any time, looking at times when your office is naturally quieter will help. Summer holidays, New Year lulls and times when your sector slows down are all recommended fit out times.

Spending with a view to saving

When you go out food shopping, you are sure to come across offers that purport to save you money. You will see adverts like, “buy one get one free,” or “buy one get one half price.” You may also notice that some items are badged as costing less when you buy them in bulk. But if you take up any of these offers will you be saving money?

You must be careful. Tempting though such offers may be, they often lure people into buying more of something, then not using it and ending up throwing it away. What kind of saving is that?

Similarly, people will often simply consume more, just because they bought a larger quantity due to the fact that it was on offer. Again, this is really false economy. Eating more just because you’ve bought more not only lessens the amount of money you have left, but it can also lead to weight gain with all of its associated health risks, not to mention you wont have as much money left.

Spending like this, just for the sake of it, is folly. You are merely being lured by clever advertising, and instead of spending to save, you are just spending more.

Advertising can cause harm

Advertising, unless it is closely monitored can be damaging in other ways. Take alcohol for example. A recent piece on News24 about how booze adverts can tempt kids into bad ways at an early age. The clever way the adverts are couched utilises catchy slogans, celebrities, and images of camaraderie and party life to convince watchers that drinking alcohol is the trendy thing to do.

The result is that far more young people than ever are getting into the alcohol habit and under-age drinking is now a serious problem, not only in South Africa but all over the world. Alcoholism can also result in overspending, leading people into debt and poverty.

Spending your money wisely

Spending money wisely can, however, lead to savings in the long term, and making savings is a great philosophy that can lead you to financial security and wellness. We recommend checking out these 40 money saving tips from Wonga to help you develop some terrific habits to develop forever saving strategies.

What, you may ask is a forever saving?

A forever saving is spending money on something that will lead to savings once youve recovered the initial cost of the outlay, for many years to come. A good example would be buying solar panels.

Investing in solar panels makes sense on several levels. Not only will it eventually mean that your electricity will essentially be free, but you will be contributing to the eco-war. Your heating source will be sustainable, and you will be one less person draining the planet’s natural reserves. It doesn’t end there either.

A saving concept that pays you back

If you produce more electricity that you use, you can sell any excess to a power company to get fed back into the national grid. You can actually earn money as well as saving it. So, if you have enough money in the first place, and your living environment is suitable in terms of being able to install solar panels, this is a great way of spending to eventually save.

If you spend your money carefully on lifes essentials, and whatever is left over goes on investing in things like solar panels, and bricks and mortar, you will achieve personal, financial security.