Original ideas for making cards

Original ideas for making cards

Learn how to make original for presentation cards, appreciation, or personalized notes to let you go.

Creating Original Cards

Need to create an impact with your cards, or leave a note for your other half? There are many easy techniques for making original cards, either personal, that certainly set the trend.

Making Original Cards

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A good idea is to decorate the paper. Purchase one heavyweight in sheets (large sheets), choosing matte, glossy, photo, or whatever you prefer for your design. Extends the sheets, one by one, on a work surface well protected, fixing at four corners with studs or very heavy elements, to prevent deformity. If this happens, you can simply crush using iron clothes at high temperature, and separating the role of heat by a white cloth or paper printer.

To decorate the role of original cards can “leak” watercolors without a specific design, or too loose paint with spray paint lines. Use acrylic products dissolved in alcohol or water to create spots that will be luxury to cut the cards in the size you prefer.

Another idea is to work them one by one, giving strokes of oil paint to have a detail in volume, using a snacks, or some strokes hand drawn with markers, paint, glitter or whatever you prefer.

Original ideas and classic cards

Did you send to print your classic white cards, no details, and want to make something more creative? We also have good solutions to offer. One is only decorate the edge of the paper. It is best to mount stack them all, placing cardboard the same size on both ends to protect them. Adjust them using a sergeant, elastic bands or whatever you prefer, and sprinkle the edges with spray paint or a paint roller dipped in acrylic. To give a further original detail, using paint that glows in the dark.

Have a highlighter that you want to use for your cards? Use the same technique, but with less paperwork joining batteries, achieving a thickness equal or slightly less than the width of the tip of your highlighter. And if you want to make a more striking effect, not your cards too adjustments and paint an edge, top with well diluted paint. As soon as the liquid separates appliqué paper, go to the paint spreading of an original and exclusive way in each role.

Cards without angles

Thank you cards, presentation or any other, for convenience and economy in the use of paper, usually rectangular or square. But you have other options to choose from if you’re looking to create original cards. Use special cutters to remove the angles, or directly go round cards with special shapes according to your profession.

Finally, do not stay with pre-established ideas. Not all should be printed, you can do ghost scriptures! By printing technique, for example, make your name or a word in volume to customize your original cards of appreciation, leaving enough space to write by hand. Only query in the printing shop of your choice to know all the alternatives you have at your fingertips.

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