How to use the rule of three when decorating your home

The rule of three states that objects organised in this number are more memorable, appealing and effective in interior decor. While three is the magical number, other odd numbers such as five, seven and nine work better than even numbers.

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The number seven was recently voted the worlds favourite number, proving that people prefer odd configurations.

This principle also stands in graphic art design, photography and storytelling. Threes work interestingly together, creating visual depth.

Why is this? Apparently, it is all to do with how our brains work. The minimal number that our heads can arrange into a distinct pattern is three. When your eye sees odd numbers of objects, it is compelled to manoeuver around more, making it a more attractive visual experience.

How can you use the rule of three in your home?


When hanging decorations or artwork, two items make a couple, whereas groups of three make a collection.

Fine art prints, such as those provided by a giclee printing service, can bring bright, clear colours and shapes into a room by hanging them in groups of three. These are available from companies such as

This rule can even be applied to gallery walls, where hanging an odd number of paintings will be more visually interesting than an even number.

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Vignettes are small, ornamental designs that can be arranged in varying height for decoration on surfaces such as table tops and nightstands. Clusters of objects can be highlighted or grouped together in odd numbers. Arranging objects in a triangle formation work especially well.

Furniture and decor

If there is an area in your home that just does not feel right or is bare, try adding three objects to furnish the space. Items at different heights work particularly well.

Perfect balance and straightforward symmetry can be offset by the energy and tension a third object provides.

Colour and texture

The rule of three also applies to colours. Choosing two shades or tones can make a room feel bland. A third colour makes the room feel fuller, dynamic and complete.

A lacklustre room with one or two shades can feel boring quickly. Save it with varied textures in three elements, such as a fluffy rug, linen sofa and slatted wall.

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