How to make the pictures of the holidays?

How to make the pictures of the holidays?

Surely many articles with this title will appear these days on many pages. That if the light, the small camera, the advice to not run out of photos … But the best thing we can do in the holidays with photography is to enjoy. Only that! No more no less!

Holidays … that wonderful word that reverberates in my mind for a few days. I’ll go if everything goes well north with my family. We will visit places that we remember, new places and we will eat what we sigh when there is no more in the fridge than a fried egg because we have not had time to buy … And of course we will take photos and more photos. Photographs without stopping, because again we have not had time throughout the year to go out with the camera on your shoulder for the simple pleasure of doing it.

Photography is one of the greatest pleasures that technology has given us. It is a wonderful way to remember everything we do. It is the best way to tell the novel of our life, because only good things come out, because in bad times many do not even remember it. And many times it is able to heal.

We have to take advantage of vacation days to relax, and if it is with a camera next to us without any obligation, better than better. Because photographing is a therapy for many. I always tell the same story, but I think it represents very well what I mean when I talk about how good it feels to take pictures.

pictures of the holidays

The girl on the beach with a camera on her shoulder

I do not want to write a self-help article (something I deeply hate for reasons that do not come now) but this experience reflects what a camera can do for us.

A walk along the promenade. With my wife, two girls and some friends with their children. Pure bustle. Me with a camera as always in case something comes up. And in the background a woman on the beach, head down, with street clothes. And with another machine as the only company.

Maybe that’s what caught my attention. What we had in common That’s why I could not stop looking at her. And his deep sadness. She was not well. But everyone has their affairs. And at that moment I was with the people I wanted. But I could not stop looking at her every time we stopped running, screaming, jumping or laughing. At first he did not make any shot.

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But as we went forward, backing up, stopping on the swings, etc … (who has children will understand) I was observing that this woman was becoming more relaxed, took more photos and focused more on what she saw. At the end of the walk, very long on that beach, she was fully recovered. I even think that I saw a happy gesture on her face after seeing the LCD screen.

That girl on the beach used photography as therapy. Thanks to her, she forgot her problems and realized everything she could count on with a simple click. Maybe his photos were limited to the sunset post-sunset. Or that image that only she saw is hanging in a gallery … What’s more, sincerely.

The holidays are to enjoy

So this summer do not look for impossible projects. Rest, charge the batteries as they say in the worker’s slang and never forget the camera in the room.

Forget about the best light, the brightest goal, the dark night or the afternoon with clouds. If you are lucky enough to find it, enjoy it. But do not load yourself with photographic obligations. Many of you are lucky enough to be amateurs and I often yearn for that feeling of doing things solely and exclusively for pure pleasure.

The photos were useless. It was my first time but I felt like a child with a new video game console. And that feeling is not taken away from me by anyone, nor those who got angry because I dared to publish that first experience. And this is what I mean.

The holidays are to enjoy, to discover. Next time, if there is one, I will be more prepared. I’m sure I’ll have everything more controlled. I even have the fashion app to get it. But I’m sure I will not be as happy as I was the first time. At least the results will be better. So you know, play happy with the camera. Happy Holidays!

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