How to Give your Storefront a Facelift on a Budget

How to Give your Storefront a Facelift on a Budget

If your business has experienced lower traffic and reduced sales, it could be due to the storefront. Outdated storefronts do bring some nostalgia to local mom and pop shops, but may deter younger generations from walking in. Consider updating the exterior of your business to draw new business and revitalize your sales. The items mentioned here can be accomplished, even if you have little to spend.

Fresh Coat of Paint
Chipping and faded paint is often a sign of financial trouble for a business, which deters locals from patronizing it. A fresh coat of paint is not expensive and just takes some hard work and time to complete. It is ideal to use a color that matches the theme of the local area and one that makes your business look brand new.
If your storefront is brick, concrete or stucco you should power wash it first to remove dirt and grime. It is hard to get paint to stick to dirty surfaces and look fresh after painting.

Tint the Glass
If your storefront faces the sun at the high point of the day, it is ideal to tint your windows. The benefit here is that home improvement stores carry commercial and residential rolls of tint that you can install yourself. It will take three people and a flat device, like a ruler or squeegee, to ensure that bubbles are not between the glass and tint. Tinting the windows slightly reduces sun glare and increases foot traffic through your doors.

Replace your Signage
If your signage has seen better days, ordering new custom outdoor business signs is ideal. It is a facelift within a facelift and makes your business easier to find. Keeping your sign’s design simple is ideal. You want your patrons to be able to read your sign easily, even when in motion, so that they know you’re still in business.

Hire a Chalk Artist
Other business owners in your area likely have promotional material painted or chalked onto their windows. You should follow suit. Highlighting specials or exclusive products/services can help increase your sales. The good thing is chalk and commercial window painting artists are affordable.

Closing Thoughts
These simple upgrades to your storefront can breathe new life into your business. A well-maintained storefront lets the community know that your business is important to you and that you want their patronage. Fresh, updated storefronts are attractive to younger generations, which may open up an entirely new market for your business.

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