How to achieve be linked by another blog

How to achieve be linked by another blog

Yesterday I received one of the many emails that surely you have also received, where the person wants you to put a link to your blog or website. I even suggested a code for your link.

Obviously, I ignored the email. I do 95% of those cases. In addition, the remaining 5%? In that small percentage of cases, not only I read the email but also I end linking to the website of the person.


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Why do some emails generate links and not others?

Here are five tips for using this technique to send an email (or message via Facebook / Twitter) to another blogger:

  1. Write something that deserves to be bonded, and although it seems logical, many people do not. The best way to get the attention of a blogger is to write something useful, entertaining, innovative, controversial, intriguing, etc.
  2. Suggests a link to an article of yours, not your website / blog. Suggests reviewing an individual page or article you’ve written. A blogger is more likely to link to a specific topic that is relevant to the topic of your blog, your main site.
  3. Develop a Relationship. “It Contact cold” to a blogger with whom you have never interacted before, asking him to put a link to your blog, definitely not the best way to create a relationship. Is the same as in life outside the Internet, you would move closer to a stranger to ask him to help you with your business? You must take time to know the person, your blog, and let the ‘favors’ arise naturally. Interact through Facebook and Twitter. Nobody will link you to consider if you have not even worried about who is and what makes the other person.
  4. You must stay focused. In addition, I mean you’re focused on your subject. Sometimes it is surprising to receive a request for someone to be bound, when your blog has absolutely nothing to do with yours.
  5. Reciprocity. I am not talking about reciprocal links because “Link me and I link you” no longer has much value for search engine optimization (SEO). I’m talking about being generous without expecting anything in return. Moreover, it is not only to link to another website, because you can be reciprocated in various ways such as writing a blog post the other person as a guest, sponsor a project of his, promote it to your network, etc.

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When you already have some time blogging, and have a good reputation in your industry, other blogs will link naturally to your articles. However, when you can just start using this form of promotion to send emails or messages via Facebook / Twitter to other bloggers.

Be sure to be selective with the items you promote. We all tend to think that hundreds of blogs should link every article you write but the reality is that some are more likely to be linked to others. So this technique limits the maximum and do with your articles only “star”.

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