Seven classic monuments reconstructed so we can see how they were at their peak

Sadly, it is not about real reconstructions, but virtual ones, so that we can see how they are now and how they were at their best moments of glory. A marketing company called NemoMam Studios, has worked the miracle and shows us seven reconstructed classic monuments so we can see how they were at their […]

Traveling the world to discover the origin of hot chocolate

When it’s cold there’s nothing better than a good hot chocolate. The history of this drink is truly fascinating and allows us to take a tour around the world. The chocolate hot leads to Mexico via Ecuador, the Netherlands and Jamaica countries. If you like chocolate and traveling, do not miss the “hot chocolate route”. Gastronomy has become an incentive for travelers from all over the […]

The most popular destinations to travel alone this 2017

Traveling alone is an experience … More and more people are betting on solo travel. Unaccompanied travel reserves are increasing. These types of travelers choose emerging destinations or trend. If you want to travel alone this summer, here are the most popular destinations.

Seven buildings that seem to come from the future

Architecture often seeks to leave us perplexed and show us something we could not even have imagined. That is why there are many buildings of our time, or even decades ago, that surprise us with forms that seem to have been brought from near times. These seven buildings are a sample of buildings that look […]

Spring makes the most beautiful cities in the world prettier

Spring is not only noticeable in nature; it also has an incredible effect on the aesthetics of our favorite cities of the world. It is at this time of year when the light begins to shine more strongly, its reflection enhancing the color of all structures and buildings, plants bloom and everything is much greener […]

We have 9 reasons to convince you that Indonesia is your destination

From Newspaper of the Traveler, usually what you want is that pique a little bug and go out of the comfort zone of regular travel. Today is one of those days when we tempt you with something more exotic destination and try to enjoy finding places in a country that is perhaps the most visited […]